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Hello all,

Things are progressing quickly for my 35yr old partner who has PsA and it is becoming apparent he needs some thing to assist him to continue doing things independently as he is "capable".

Problems included (on flare times) - strength to grip, walking (foot and knee discomfort), bending (knee) to put clothes on or pick stuff up, getting out of bed and off the sofa (knee mobility mostly).

Do you use any aids at all? Have you tried any? What do you find useful and what was pointless?

He is happy with specific "mobility aids" but also any ticks for "hidden" assistance is good too.

Many Thanks


  • Mike1
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    I have loads of aids to help me live alone with widespread OA, Firstly speak to Adult Social Care at your Council and they can arrange a home visit by an Occupational Therapist who can advise on items he needs based on assessing how he does things, in some cases they may be able to provide them free of charge as well; they gave me an electric riser/recliner chair (which they are about to replace for a new one), a perch stool for the kitchen, a wet room so I can shower sat down, a raised WC with rails and various grab bars around the place. In addition I have things to help me put my socks on, grabbers in every room to pick things up, a monkey bar over the bed, an electric adjustable bed, a couple of arms with pads on to be able to wash my back and extremities in the shower, an adjustable table on wheels which fits over my chair. Plus an electric large wheelchair, a folding electric wheelchair in case I ever have to have a taxi anywhere and a mobility scooter to get to the shops. I even have an aid which I can use to wipe my bum when my hands are too bad! I also wear braces on my hands and a cervical collar when I go out. As well as aids think about what clothes to wear, for example I only wear shirts that I can pull on over my head, boots with no laces instead of shoes which I can get on with a long handled shoe horn etc. As well as asking for an OT visit there are also several websites that provide a range of aids for disabled people which are well worth looking at as you may find things that can help as well.

  • N1gel
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    Totally agree with Mike. The best option is to ask as many people as possible.

    A bit of lateral thinking helps too! I had a bad spell earlier this week when I found it difficult to bend my wrist to pour my breakfast coffee from a little pot.

    Brainwave! I arranged a scrunched up towel on the table under the wrist for flexible support (like a sandbag) it worked a treat and gave my confidence a huge boost without being too 'institutional'..

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    Hi I have PsA recently diagnosed just before Xmas 2020 !

    I suffer with bad pain in the heel of my foot so I purchased these Gel heels things and wow what a difference really takes the pressure off

    I also try to use shelves everywhere so I don’t have to keep bending over and I use a Italian knife like a chopper that also helps my fingers

    hope these tips help x

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    Hello @Hairobsessed123,

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    Hi @joe

    i didn’t realise my Apologies 🙂

    People can always send you a PM if they want to see the exact item you have tried 😉

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  • Sweetangelemma

    These are fantastic ideas from everyone!!!

    I am going to look up a few bits and see what is out there... I found a handy jar/ bottle opener when I first looked and I expected he would feel bad when I suggested it but he was greatful and genuinely happy.

    I like the idea of grabbers, sock help is definitely going on the list and I may also get a long handle scrub for bathroom as I didn't think of that either!

    The make shift wrist support sounds good.... did you know you can get "kettles" you don't poor @N1gel ? They boil the water in a little tank and you place your cup under the spout and it pours it automatically once boiled! I have no idea what it's called though sorry.

    @Hairobsessed123 the gel pads are a dream! He sees a podiatrist who had custom made insoles which are fantastic... although took some trial and error I'd highly recommend a NHS referral.

    @Mike1 your list of supports is fantastic and really helps trying to newly navigate the balance of independant living (especially so young) and accepting items/aids to make that possible.

    Thank you all :-)