Please tell me any tips to get ease the stiffness in Arithritic Knees

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Please tell me any tips to ease arthritic knees

i have removed your email address @Knee68. people will post their tips here for you and our members/readers will all be able to benefit from them

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    Hi @Knee68

    Welcome to the Online Community, I'm glad you have found us and hope we can be of some help.

    I have osteoarthritis in my knee and I find warmth very relaxing, at night I use a hot microwave pad on my knee to help it relax. I will do this during the day too if I need it. In the morning I do some stretches and movements before I get out of bed, so it’s not bearing any weight, before I get up and moving around.

    Here is our information on knee OA

    which includes information on exercise. I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise, and to be honest some of the exercises are a bit painful, but that’s when I’ve tried to go too far or too fast. I do exercise sitting in a chair that keeps my knee range of movement as good as it can be and I do some moving exercise so my knee doesn’t give way on me so much and to help me keep my stamina good. I’ve found Leon’s exercises good.

    Have a look here, this is where you will find links to his exercise and see what other members thought of the programme when it started a few months ago

    I do hope they help you a little. If you tell us what you find tricky I’m sure someone will have already found a solution they will share. That’s the great thing about our community, we can all help each other

    Take care

    Yvonne x