Cartilage cells implant

Hi all had O/A for 30 years , started in my early thirties I wondering if anyone has had cartilage cells implanted into the knee , and how did it go .

Thanks cathy


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    Hi @birch and welcome to the Online Community.

    Having had osteoarthritis for 30 years, you are asking if anyone has had implant of cells into the cartilage of the knee as a treatment. The idea is to have a biological treatment to delay or prevent the need for joint replacement surgery.

    I'm not aware of any current members reporting about this treatment. I do know that there is research being carried out by Versus Arthritis into this area and you can read a bit about this on our web site:

    I would be most interested to read replies from any of our members having experience or understanding of this and have bookmarked your post so I can follow the replies!

    Do join in across the Community, give advice, ask questions and call in for a chat to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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