Helens first post


have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis

im 54 and active

am now suffering with both feet which have bone spurs growing on tops,

my elbow and my lower spine which has mild curvature and causes severe hip pain

have been referred to a consultant and am waiting for an appointment

I am feeling very upset and scared

Helen x


  • Shell_H
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    Hi @HelenCooper1 - welcome to the online community!

    You've recently been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, and it's affecting you in you feet (with bone spurs), elbow and lower spine. It's all new to you, so you're upset and scared about what it means. You're waiting on an poointment with a specialist.

    I too have Osteoarthritis, and while I've had to adapt some of the things I do to keep in mind the changes in my joints, I'm still very able to have a full life, so don't worry immediately! Take a look at some of our information on Osteoarthritis, as the more you know about what's going on both the easier it is for you to deal with it and the better questions you'll be able to ask when you have your appointment with the consultant. The more information you get at this point the better.

    With arthritis, keeping your ability to move your affected joints is very helpful. Some painkillers will help - you doctor may have already prescribed you some, if not do use over the counter painkillers. You are able to take paracetamol, ibuprofin and asprin together if this is necersary (I suggest staggering taking them) - but do check with a pharmacist if you are on any other medication. Some exercises to strengthen and stretch the joints are a good idea - but do be careful not to push yourself into pain. This is detrimental with arthritis. So gentle stretching and strengthening exercises are best. There are also other things to look at when you are feeling better able to look at things, but just focus on this for now.

    The community is very friendly, so do have a look around and see if there is anything you want to join in on. We have at least one other member - @wazz42 - who also has bone spurs, so maybe talking to them would help you?

    It's lovely to meet you!


  • Lilymary
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    Hi Helen, welcome to the crew. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. ! was diagnosed with OA in my hips a year ago, previously also very fit and active, now a sofa surfer pending surgery.

    I remember feeling very scared at the time, as I had no idea it was coming. It is a lot to get your head around, but once you've got the right medical support, it eventually starts to feel a bit less daunting, and gives you some control over the condition. But I agree it's hard adjusting your horizons.

    Meanwhile, if you find there are things that are too hard for you to do now, eg if you're having to give up some of your more strenuous activities, try to replace them with other things that you enjoy. Distraction is great for taking your mind off things, and really helps with pain management. Try to maintain a level of physical activitiy that doesn't aggravate your various conditions too much, as it's important to stay mobile and keep muscle tone as much as you are able.

    There's lots of good advice on this site, and on this forum. The lovely people on here have been a bit of a life saver for me over the last 12 months. Come on whenever you're feeling down, frustrated, in pain, we all know how it feels, but we also like to share good news and giggles to keep each other going.

    Take care x LM

  • frogmorton
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    Hi Helen

    You will be feeling scared I am not at all surprised as well as a multitude of other emotions too I should think.

    This is just so normal and the fact that you don't have all the information yet (until you have seen your specialist) makes it harder to cope with. Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Until you know what exactly and where and what can be done it is hard to function.

    You are an active 54 year old who had plans - we all do - and a vision of your future and something has turned that upside down at the moment. I hope you see your consultant soon and can find out exactly what is going on and what treatment is available. These times with the virus are harder as appointments are taking longer, but fingers crossed 🤞 for you it's soon.

    In the meantime my only advice is to get reliably informed. By that I mean sources like the NHS or here not ideally Dr google! Keep talking again to people like us who understand and finally be kind to yourself for now. Life might be different in future, but it can still be good.

    Take care

  • Hi @HelenCooper1

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum. I am sorry you are in pain and are feeling upset and scared while you await your first consultation regarding your recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

    Thank you to Helen, Lilymary and Tony for sharing the links, tips and support with you.

    As Toni says, it’s important to seek reliably informed and to talk to people who understand what you are going through.

    You are very welcome to call us on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 so you can talk things through in confidence with one of our helpline team. We are here to support you through this difficult time and can provide tailored support to help you to prepare for you consultation. Many people find this very helpful so they can make the most of their appointment.  You can find out more below. I do hope you will call us.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


    Helpline Team

  • wazz42
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    Hi @HelenCooper1

    How lovely to meet you, I’m glad you have joined this community - it’s just the best place for us with arthritis to be able to say all the things we feel about a diagnosis.

    I too have bone spurs and widespread osteoarthritis [OA). Mine are in my feet and elbow too! On my foot one Is on the topmost part and is really easy to find when you move your finger gently over it and on my toes too. I was told by my orthopaedic consultant that they could be dealt with by an operation but it could make things worse. I got the feeling that he would prefer no operation in case it made them start hurting which mine don’t.

    With help on here I’ve found comfy shoes which are brilliant. My feet are quite swollen so I have gone from a size 7 to an 8EEEE but that’s fine, my joints are supported and I’m not causing pain to my extra bits of bone - I should say too that they haven’t grown, I was worried they would get bigger but no, You can see them but you wouldn’t notice them at a glance.

    There are discussions about shoes here, this one gives good advice

    wazz xx