What next for my treatment ?

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Hi - I have had RA for 10 years . I am not able to take Methotrexate due to recurring chest infections. I could not tolerate Sulphrazalatate .I’m currently on Hydroxychloroquine which I feel ok taking - but after 4 months I’m still having deterioration and pain in my hands .

What should I be asking for at my next appointment ? Interested to know more about biologicals . If anyone has any experience of those.

thanks Debbie


  • Hi @Debbie1963,

    Welcome to the online community! It's lovely to have you here.

    I see you have RA and are interested in pursuing other treatments due to continued deterioration and pain.

    Anti-TNFs are one of the main biologic therapies, although there are others - here's a link if you'd like to find out more:

    Hopefully other members will weigh in with advice and experiences. In the meantime, a bit of unsolicited match-making... perhaps you could have a chat with @Morgana87, another new member, who has recently been having biologic injections. Here's their post from this morning: Newbie Post. And maybe you have some experience to share with them too. It's good to talk :)

    Please do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah (moderator) x