Any ideas/help with fatigue due to fibro

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I have fibro, oestoarthritis, underactive thyroid and IBS. I also have involuntary jerks and movements. I worked as a nurse for 44years only retiring due to the symptoms of fibro. I am suffering from extreme exhaustion probably not helped by lockdown. I have been to different alternative therapist's without success. I am taking duloxitine. Any ideas would be appreciated. Maria


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    Good evening Maria Snap that’s exactly how I’m feeling at moment so tired not good is it plus I suffer with foggey head and headaches with mine vitamin B12 is good plus I have a smoothie spinach leaves & 1 banana and drink and eat oranges & eat nuts & fruit mix and pumpkinseeds. I do think with me the more I get stressed or if people stress me out or keep on at me to do things it excellerates my stress and then I get really fatigued also looking at bright lights on iPad or mobile late at nite makes me so tired next day 2 day I felt like I had been rolled over by a steam roller so exhausted I don’t like this at all mine seems to be getting worse think like you say might be due to lockdown hope u feel better soon 🥰

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    Welcome to the online community family great to see you asking questions.

    You state that you have Fibromylaegia Osteoarthritis.underactive Thyroid,and IBS also involintary jerks,suffering from extreme exhaustion and taking duloxitine. Lockdown certainly doesnt help in any situation and when you are going through pain and exhaustion.I have a daughter with your exact complaints and like you trys to combats the symptoms,so i do understand what you are going through as i also have arthritis and pain, i use to me a nurse now i am retired from nursing completly.

    Here are a few links that may help.

    Fibromyalgia | Causes, symptoms, treatment | Versus Arthritis

    Involuntary Movements: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment (

    Hope the links are helpful.Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do keep chattiny to others it sometimes helps.

    All the best Christine

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    Thank you for replying sometimes you feel u r alone. Like you have tried all the juice drinks. My daughter is very good but when the spinach began grow out my ears I though enough. I read about chia seeds and thought this might be itm I could go on and on . I tried 1 class of tai chi but lock down started. I like the gym but sure its closed to. I've got now I feel 2 tired to do anything. I explain it to people who ask me what's the fatigue like it's like doing a shift of night duties without getting any sleep during the day. That terrible drained feeling. How do you manage your jerks? Maria

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    Hello Bronagh, I have exactly the same symptoms as you have described and I struggle every minute of every day with fatigue. I am on a restricted diet because of bowel problems so cant try different foods (the results just adds to the fatigue!}

    The world is a different place when you need huge determination to try to look after yourself, and knowing that's unlikely to change is mentally challenging.

    I cant explain it to other people but I wish I could bottle fibro and tell my GP he has to take it 4 times a day, then he would understand! But I wouldnt wish it on anyone really!

    Maybe those of us living with it develop this weird sense of humour! A broken leg is easily understood but 'invisible' conditions are not real ....are they?

    Big hugs GT

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    ❤️ What u have said Grandma T exactly u can’t explain 2 anyone how it feels unless u are experiencing these symptoms plus everyone is different would be fantastic 2 bottle it up and people could try it perhaps they would understand then wouldn’t they, No invisible illness doesn’t exist 2 people not in pain I was thinking of getting a T shirt printed with I have an invisible illness joint replacements spinal stenosis fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis so please if poss give me a smile & let me jump the queue at the till please Big hugs GT🥰

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    Hi everyone,

    Its just as bad trying to get diagnosed tbh but all I can say is be kind to yourselves, rest when you can and spoil yourselves on a regular basis as it’s become a selfish and bitter world now

    love Jona 😊💐

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    Hi I have been dealing with fibromyalgia complications for 10years. My best advice is pace yourself, look at Christine Modesto's spoon theory, develop a positive mental attitude. Make sure you get sleep and develop routines for yourself. Try to include some exercise. Start very light even just 10meters or 10minutes to walk a shorter distance.

    Get your local occupational and physio therapist team into your home. Make sure you have adaptive devices to help yourself.

    You are not alone and you can access a wider community via zoom and community sites like this.

    Try to continue a hobby that helps your mind. For me that is knitting it is a form of physical / kinesthetic meditation as well as hand exercise. I use carbon fibre circular needles so the weight of project is carried on lap not my hands and I have strong needle. I have tried triangular and square needle tips but they were not for me. Even if I only do 10minutes on project per day I am trying to cultivate calm mental attitude and have done some form of exercise. I may only be able to do 5 x two minutes but I will have achieved something.

    There are some great fibromyalgia sites. You can travel virtually and learn online. Keep trying to keep your mind ticking over or the fog gets very very bad and you can become very depressed about how difficult it is to communicate. I learnt that the hard way.

    Hopefully this and the fact sheets helps

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