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Knee replacement surgery/pain at night

Hi, I had a total knee replacement 8 days ago and I’m finding it really difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours because of the pain. I’ve been prescribed paracetamol and gabapentin. I was also given tramadol which I’m reluctant to take as I’m allergic to opioids. I’m finding I can’t get comfortable and although I’m dropping off to sleep, it’s broken sleep, and I’m checking the time to see when I can take the next dose of painkillers. Can anyone offer any advice please, is this normal and will it improve as time goes on? Thank you.


  • PeterJPeterJ Posts: 35 mod

    Hello @Millie1967 sorry to hear about your pain from your operation but hopefully it will be better for you once the pain goes and your knee replacement helps your mobility.

    Have a look at our website and also one called escape pain, I've added a couple of links below that hopefully might help

    I hope your pain gets better soon

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Peter. I’ve looked at some of the links you’ve included and it’s reassured me.

  • Please call your doctor and ask about pain relief- you do not need to suffer. There may well be other options that could be added into the plan which would make the difference

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,334 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Millie1967

    I always have a lot of trouble sleeping post op I think most people do.

    It will improve it really will day by day then week by week you will get back to some sort of normal.

    8 days is nothing you have done very very well and should be proud of yourself.


    take care


    Toni xxx
  • Hi Millie, I had a knee replacement a couple of years ago, the first few weeks were really difficult & I got through them by sleeping whenever I could & not putting myself under any pressure to do anything other than focus on getting the knee moving. I found ice packs & meditation to be the most helpful thing for me.it is a massive operation & takes some time to recover from, give yourself a break, be very nice to yourself & take it easy. Good luck...do the exercises!

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