Sulfasalazine Side Effects

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Hi All - Hope you're all doing well out there. I've read the page on the above and have also done a ridiculous amount of research. All that said, i've just started this drug and am experiencing the nausea - wondered if anyone had this and it passed after a time? I'm not keen on staying on this if it's going to make me feel like this all the time - I know we're all different , I am just keen to hear some different perspectives.

In the meantime - peppermint tea is my new BFF!

Thanks, Sam


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    Hi Sam, I have been on sulfasalazine for just over six months, I do feel better than when I first started.

    I had lots of stomach issues too with it, took me a while to adjust I was meant to go up a tablet every week but it took me a bit longer, meant to be on six a day I am stuck on four.

    I do feel a they are helping my joints as I have now came off anti-inflammatories, you can ask your doctor if you keep having stomach issues, I was on the peppermint tea as well, it does help.☺

    Best wishes


  • sheriffshuffles

    Thanks so much James - that's really helpful! I am glad to hear it's settled for you. Sam

  • Angiebabe55

    Hi everyone. I have been taking Sulfalazine for over a year. I have had no side effects and no obvious change in my PSA. It is supposed to slow down the effects of the disease, and therefore difficult to know without blood tests if it is working. I am still getting pains and progression, but who knows how bad it would have been without the meds. I havent had an appointment with my rheumatologist for nearly 2 years since the last one because of Covid. My next appointment has just been moved from July to December. Some days, even after Naproxen, paracetamol and codeine I am still in pain, and feeling miserable. I use a gel called Fenbid, which really helps with bad pains on my lower thumb joints and knuckles. I also have Osteo and other problems. But, I am grateful that even with all the pains and other symptoms of PSA i can still function reasonably.

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    Good evening @Angiebabe55

    Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Online Community Forum. We are a big family, and you are now a member of it.

    Can you ask your GPs for a blood test, so they can at least see if the treatment is working for you? I know you said that the Rheumatology appointment has been moved again, but have you got a clinical Nurse that you can contact?

    On Days when you feel a bit down, just remember we are all here for you. In one way or another we are going through the same thing, even if it isn't the same form of arthritis as you, so we do understand the pain, and how it makes us feel. you have us to speak to. I have attached the Helpline Number (Which Is Free) 0800 5200 520 The opening hours are 9am - 8pm.

    I am pleased that you can get around and that you are grateful for this, especially with the Osteoarthritis and other Issues.

    I have attached a link for Psoriatic Arthritis.

    I hope this will have some information for you regarding pain etc. Please have a look through the other Forums as I am sure you will find people that ae in the same situation as you.

    Take Care & Stay Safe

    AJ_ x

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    @sheriffshuffles I know this reply is a bit late, so I hope your nausea did settle down.

    I was on Sulfasalazine for about 8 months, and for me the nausea just kept getting worse. It also tanked my folate levels, caused me to lose 10kg in 6 weeks, and gave me constant mouth ulcers. At that point I was switched to Methotrexate, which I've now been on for just over a year. I get nausea with the Methotrexate too, but it's just for 3 days a week instead of 7, and Ondansetron (and peppermint tea) keeps the worst of it at bay. The symptom control with Methotrexate isn't a patch on the Sulfasalazine for me, though. Shame it's not worth the side effects.

    I'm very fortunate to have understanding GPs and an approachable Rheumatology department. I know not everyone is that lucky.

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    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm