Co dydramol dreams

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I used to think it was my imagination, but I know it's not! It's the side effects... My dreams are strange.

I saw 2 squirrels crossing a carpark, then asked my husband and he couldn't see them,

Woke up saying get my pizza and order my pizza.

Then this one this morning my clock was telling me it was 12.30 and I'd missed half my day, it turned out to be only 06.45am. At least they are not nightmares....


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    Good morning @Caz1966 it's very nice to meet you and welcome you to the online community.

    I see you have been having very interesting dreams and take co-dyrdramol. A quick search found this 'old' thread from back in 2010:

    Others have them too!

    NHS information:

    Interesting it's not mentioned as a side effect on the NHS site, but there are clearly anecdotal examples here.

    It would be lovely to know a little more about you if you are happy to share? What kind of Arthritis you have for instance.

    Best wishes


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    sounds more fun then what I get- I just get constipation on co-dyrdramol ! (easily resolved )

    o and when taking a lot when pain real bad an inclination towards rash purchases on ebay, think it makes me very slightly high.

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    Barr yourself from Ebay @sunnyside2 😮