Best painkiller drug for sleeping?

I have decided that I don't want my senses dulled during the day, but my hip OA is disturbing my sleep, so I've no problem being as stoned and sedated as possible overnight. I am keen to hear of recommended legal pharmaceuticals that get you through the night ouch-free.


  • Jona
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    Hi, I take just half a zopiclone not every night but when I find it really hard after not sleeping for a while but they are addictive so gps don’t like to give them, you could ask at your chemist if they could recommend something my sister swore by something called rescue remedy can but over the counter but best to speak to your pharmacist

    good luck

    Jona 😊

  • Jona
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    Sorry buy over the counter not but ooops

  • stickywicket
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    The best one is invariably the mildest one that will work sufficiently because we develop tolerance to them and can soon end up taking more and stronger pills with less and less results.

    It's best to sort something out with your GP or pharmacist but be sure they're aware of anything else you take, either prescribed, O TC or just supplements in order to avoid interactions.

  • Hey ATM I take Duloxetine 60mg and Tramadol 50mg.

    You could try and ask your doctor for Morphine but just watch its really addictive. 😐️

  • Mike1
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    I have been on Morphine for years, slow release twice a day and Oramorph to top up during the day as and when I need it. It does not get rid of the pain, merely knocks the edge off, and does nothing to help me sleep so I survive on about 3 hours a night and nod off frequently during the day!

  • Lcc86
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    If you've not been using painkillers regularly up until now then I would suggest a strong OTC or the lowest level prescription painkiller after discussion with your GP. Never go higher than needed as your body eventually builds a tolerance and that's a bit of a one way street unfortunately. I take 30mg codeine as needed, mainly in the evening/at night as it makes me feel too out of it during the day and I struggle to focus on work.

  • N1gel
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    I imagine I'm listening to all the people who've advised me not to do things!

  • Damned69
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    Thanks to those who suggested stuff. Getting to even speak to a doctor is now such hard work that until I'm getting no sleep at all I'm going to live with it. If it gets unbearable and I start getting zero sleep, then I'll beg for that Duloxetine/Tramadol combo.

    Call me miserable if you like but there are times when humour is NOT appropriate or appreciated.

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