What causes your RA to flare up and what makes it better?


Hi everyone,

I just wondered what kind of things seem to make your RA symptoms flare up? and equally what helps/what do you avoid doing/eating/drinking that stops or helps the symptoms, aches, stiffness, joint swelling etc.

I’m new to this journey and trying to see whether any lifestyle/diets can help the journey to be an easier one!




  • stickywicket
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    My really big flares were O-levels, A-levels, Finals and childbirth (x 2) so I guess I'd say stress and hormones. The only big improvement came with DMARDS but I've always been a good weight, not smoked since my youth, kept to a broadly Mediterranean-type diet and exercised particularly when it was bad. (Only range of movement ones when flaring, though) My favourite alcoholic drink - whisky - soon went and I found out alcohol was strictly in moderation. I've done wrist splints, knee supports, ankle supports, neck support. They all help throug a bad patch again if used in moderation.

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