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Hello everyone. My name is Beryl, I live in Kent and fall into what is politely called "the mature category!"

I have osteoarthritis in my back, both knees and both wrists/thumbs. My right knee is extremely bad and my Consiltant has said it does need to be replaced. However, I am unable to have it done, as my wrist consultant has confirmed I would be unable to use the walking aids needed for post-op recovery. I have had 2 operations on my right wrist/thumb, but unfortunately they have not had the positive result that my Consultant hoped for. My leftwrist/thumb is also affected and getting progressively worse as it has to bear the brunt of doing things as the right one is able to do very little. I wear splints on both.

I should love to hear from anyone facing similar difficulties. I have acquired lots of items to use in the kitchen to make life as easy as possible. All suggestions will be very welcome.



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    Hi @kentishlady welcome back to the Online Community - it looks like 7 years since you last posted back in 2014 by your posting history! Lovely to see you here again 😀

    We now have a great website to explore which contains a really useful section on Hints & Tips that you may like to take a look at:

    We would be most interested in creating a new list of kitchen items to make life easier if you are interested in starting one going?

    All best wishes


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    A few things I have acquired are as follows: a hot water dispenser which can be operated by a touch of a button and does away with need for a kettle; a coffee machine, again easier to use: a combination microwave/convection oven as could no longer lift things safely from a normal oven. This enables me to just slide item out and on to the worktop. It also has the advantage of taking up less room in my small kitchen. A rubber bottle grip opener (invaluable for unscrewing tops of milk containers, squash bottles etc). I have also purchased lighter weight melamine tableware for everyday use. Lighter weight cutlery helps too, although any cutlery is extremely difficult to use. There are also special openers for jars but although I am not able to manage those. Obviously, it depends on how much strength you have in your grip as to what you are able to manage. I also have an extender on my front door key, although I am in the process of having to have a keyless lock fitted to make things easier.

    Another rather obvious tip is to put the things you use most in the easiest places to get at. Every so often I think of something else that might help and I try it. If it doesn't help, it soon gets discarded! Needless to say, a kitchen stool is very welcome.

    I hope one or more of these tips might help. If anyone has other suggestions then please let me know.


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    Hi my name is Saima,im 37 years of age..i have recently been diagnosed with osteoartritis just wondering on how it affects people on a day to day basis..i have 4 kids i find it very difficult as my youngest is 2 years if age..it affects my wrist fingers elbow knees ..also have deep pain in my neck

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    Hi @saima37

    welcome to the community, so glad you have found us. I see you have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and you have a young family. We have a good section on the website that covers osteoarthritis here

    At the bottom is Mel's story, she is 43 so not too much older than you. Of course every bodies experience is different so please tell us more about yourself and how we can help

    Best Wishes


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    Thank you for accepting me.

    I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my fingers, spine and lower back.

    I also have fibromyalgia.

    can anyone advise on the best nutritional diet for the above conditions?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello @Josephine

    You are very very welcome to this lovely supportive Community.

    I see you have two recent diagnoses one of Osteoarthritis and one of Fibromyalgia. You are interested in dietary advice?

    This might be of interest to you:

    and this (there are specific questions about Osteoarthritis so scroll through the article)

    Finally this is a lovely upbeat real-life story about Chloe who has Fibromyalgia:

    I will leave you now to meet our lovely members🙂

    Very best wishes