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Hello. I have OA hip and knee, but not bad enough for surgery thank goodness. I want to increase my exercising to build up muscle power in my leg but knee very painful when walking. Does the community have any views or experiences of using a knee support sleeve please? Thank you.


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    You are best off chatting to your Physio, OT or GP as there are so many available commercially that some may do more harm than good; it may be that you would be better off with a made to measure brace.

  • Hi @Jennifer001

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. Physiotherapists really want us to work, so our muscles to gradually get stronger, to support our joints better. If a support is used too much, the fear is we may rely on it too much. Another concern is that a tight fit may impede blood supply.

    If you can it's worth talking this over with a health professional (ideally a physio). They may strike a deal with you, so you avoid becoming too dependent on a support, but use something occasionally - but it will depend on their judgement of your situation.

    As always it's about building up exercise gradually, so your stamina and muscles improve.

    Exercising with arthritis | Top tips, specific exercises (

    And while you are working on your fitness, do see our information on healthy eating, so you can balance that side of things.

    If you'd like a chat, or some information please do ring us on our freephone.

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