I don't get proper treatment..

I suffer with osteoarthritis in my left hip and lower back, B12 deficiency, chronic prostatitis and low blood pressure...

The only treatment i get for my osteoarthritis is Dihydrocodeine and Gabapentin which really doesn't touch the pain but it does help me in diverting my mind off the pain and discomfort....

Is there any medication for my osteoarthritis i can get from my doctor?

Any help would be so much appreciated..

Kind regards

Thomas Ridsdale 50 years old from the North East of England UK.



  • Lilymary
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    Hi Thomas, welcome to this lovely friendly and supportive forum.

    You need to speak to your GP about this, as it’s important that any pain meds you take don’t cause problems with other medications you’re on. This was certainly my experience, and it limited the range of options open to my GP for pain relief.

    But to be honest, most of us on here will say that the pain meds only take the edge off the pain, it won’t leave you pain free. Hopefully it’s effective enough to give you some degree of mobility at least.

    There are other ways you can manage your pain - have a look at this link. The one that helps many of us is distraction, ie lose yourself in something you enjoy to take your focus away from the pain. Some people find mindfulness or meditation also helps in the same way. Id you’re tense, it will make the pain much worse and make your joints stiffen up.

  • Mike1
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    Ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic, they have more in depth experience of OA and will be able to try you on different drugs and treatments.

  • Thanks everyone.

  • DaveVW
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    Hey, Thomas1970!

    I'm with you, but i will say this - we can only work with our medical professionals. I too have concerns about the pain medications. I take Zapain and Naproxen, and they merely take the very worst of it away. I have both good and bad days, and the pills themselves have side effects. It's extremely disheartening.

    It can certainly feel at times that I'm not getting the proper treatment, but then when you read up on it, there's not a whole lot they can do. For me it's more about communication. My GP doesn't have the time to discuss anything, and isn't good at listening. I think they're just rushed. But I do get my pain pills, and other than replacing my knees, I'm not sure what else they could do, to be honest.

  • Jona
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    Hi Thomas,

    Ive tried nearly every medication there is for osteoarthritis am working with the pain clinic at present on slow release tramadol which makes me very tired and vomiting so have to take an anti sickness pill also use tens machines one for my neck and one for my hip , they have also introduced a chilli based cream for my knee and tens gloves for my hands all new so can’t comment on them properly but feeling a little like robocop

    .I was once told pain from osteo doesn’t go away we just have to learn to live with it quite depressing really been also told I’m a bit of a drag on people as it makes me miserable as hell I try to stay positive but at times it’s really hard to do, like Mike said work with your pain clinic they do have a better understanding good luck