Hyaluron injections

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Hi everyone, hope you have managed to get some rest. I have osteoarthritis in both knees. I had to have bilateral kneecap and trochlea replacements when I was 46, almost 10 years ago. I was told that I’ll need total knee replacements for both knees after 10-15 years. I had hyaluronic injections in both knees yesterday, as I’m getting more pain and limitation of movement. I have a baker’s cyst at the back of one knee, which means I can’t bend it beyond 90 degrees.I just wondered if anyone else has experience of having hyaluronic injections to their knees and if so, how have you found them? I had mine privately and have to say that I wasn’t very impressed with the hygiene or the bedside manner. I was given an after care sheet and the consultant said that I could walk, drive, etc immediately and didn’t say that I should rest my legs for a while or anything. I have looked on some reputable websites, which say you should rest for the first couple of days and avoid heavy lifting and standing for long periods. I feel confused and not cared for. I’m a single mother with 18 year old twin girls and a 21 year old daughter doing a uni year abroad in Germany. My twin girls are away on holiday with their dad. I have no family near by , just 2 sisters , who I don’t speak to much-difficult relationship with them, they have never been supportive. I have friends, but not many who are actually there for me and I don’t like to bother them. I feel very alone. I have depression too, so struggle with that too. Added to that, I have extensive house repairs for subsidence, through insurance, which have been going on since the beginning of June and they’re a bloody nightmare! We’ve been living with our kitchen in the living room since it started -stuff everywhere and stressful. The builders and insurance company -the AA , have been a nightmare, botched repairs, repairs not done properly or just not done, workmen being sent to me from 2 hours drive away, arriving, taking one look at things that should have been done and saying they can’t do anything until it is and then going home! It’s a **** show! I’m on the phone frequently, trying to sort things out, which is exhausting! I am really struggling, isolate myself and can’t really see a way through . I’ve just come off antidepressants, which I’ve been on for years and weren’t helping. Have had loads of counselling, but nothing seems to help. We are having family therapy with my twin girls and they both told the therapist that when they go to uni in September, they worry that I’ll kill myself. It was awful to hear. I wouldn’t do that, but there are times when if I had an off switch, I would press it. Sorry to be so negative. X


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    Hello @Ilovemydog you do seem to be having a rough time of it. My wife recently had hyaluronic injection to her shoulder and the advice she was given was to do gentle exercises but nothing strenuous for a couple of weeks. It does seem to have done her some good so hang on in there. The VA Helpline might be able to help

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    Hi @Ilovemydog

    Love your username! I noticed that you have been told about the Helpline, sometimes it's good to talk and get instant feedback, it's open from 9am - 6pm on 0800 5200 520.

    It's great that you have got some useful information so quickly, thank you @Loggiemod. This is the information from our website about the injections

    It seems they can cause initial inflammation as you mentioned.

    Do stay with us as well, it sounds like you need a friend who knows what you are going through and who you can talk to without having to wonder if they understand.

    We've also got some discussions where you can relax - I think you will like Pets' Corner clicking will take you to the latest comment

    Looking forward to your next comment

    Yvonne x