Needing two hips replaced

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Hi there I am wondering what anyone has experienced getting hip replacements done, I think they are going to be done one at a time 3 to 6 months between.

I cannot walk unaided now at all, use two crutches or a Walker to get around.

supposed to be getting my first op end of August/September time, I’m really nervous about it all so any advice or help would be very appreciated.


  • Hello @Erlando and welcome to the online community!

    I personally don't have any experience in hip replacements but I know that they are plenty of others among our wonderful members that do and they're probably quite willing to share their experiences.

    In the meantime, here is a little information about hip replacements/ surgery. The link gives you some advice for preparing for the before and after, as well as sharing the story of someone who has experienced this. There are also some exercises on there but of course, do make sure you follow the direction of any professionals involved with your own personal case.

    There are also some other pieces that could be helpful or just of interest to you here:

    You are most certainly in the right place for support and advice, keep talking to us all and join in with conversations where you feel comfortable!

    Take care,


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    Hi @Erlando , I had my hip replaced 13 weeks ago. While it is major surgery, it is now very routine. I just decided to put my faith in the surgeon that he and his team knew what they were doing, that the anaesthetist would make sure I was in no pain (I asked for heavy sedation as I’m chicken and didn't want to know what they were doing 😅) and the nurses and physios would look after me post surgery. The occupational therapists will make sure you have all the equipment you will need in the house to aid recovery (eg raised loo seat, perching stool, grabbers etc) but you may already have some of these. The easiest way through it is to trust them and not worry about it, and take it a day at a time initially when you get home. You’ll be fine, honest!

    Everyone’s recovery is different, mine was slower and a bit more painful than usual, but my surgeon isn’t concerned about it, and I know many are doing pretty well after 6 weeks. They’ll send you home with some pain relief meds to help you through the initial recovery period, and your GP surgery or district nurse will sort out your stitches. Despite being a slow coach I was off crutches and driving again at 7 weeks, and only need a stick when I’m out in town or walking round the village. Apart from a few home grown niggles which physio is sorting out, I’m pretty much pain free, and certainly much improved from the pain I had pre-surgery (from handfuls for pain killers pre-op to the odd paracetamol now). The main thing is I know that whatever pain I have now is going to get better, whereas pre-op there was the depressing inevitability that the pain of an arthritic hip was only going to get worse.

    You might want to have a look at the blog I kept on here (“New Hip Day” on the Living With Arthritis forum) from the day before surgery. Like I say, I don’t think my journey (especially re pain) is typical, but it’s a fairly light hearted and honest account that you might find helpful.

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    Hi @Erlando,

    Just though I'd add a link to @Lilymary's wonderful blog about her new hip, to make it easier for you to find:

    It's a fantastic record of her journey, and well worth reading if you will be getting a hip replacement (or two!)

    Lovely to meet you,