Ankle replacement or fusion


Can anyone give an opinion on which they feel is better? I was looking more at ankle replacement but my surgeon recommends a fusion. Anyone had either and can give me the pros and cons please?


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    Hi @Barneybear

    I'm not sure how much this will help, but we did have a discussion fairly recently on ankle replacement which may have some useful information for you:


  • remmingtonwildhunter

    RNOH STANMOOR 3 years ago had a survey where a computer picks who has the the opp when you are on the waiting list and also picks ankle replacement or fusion...

    I didn't go for the survey i went for the fusion as I'm an active gardener but if your over 60 and not active they try to steer you to A,replacement i met some when i had my plaster changed his didn't, work and his joint was filled with medical cement...

  • Barneybear

    Have you got any tips for post fusion recovery please?

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    @Barneybear this is a diffcult one.

    I went to RNOH Stanmore back in the 90's and a replacement was recommended.

    3 moths later i went back for a follow up and they said my ankle was too far gone and self fusing in the wrong position and now a high risk of failure.

    Opted for a tripple fusion arthrodesis. it was a long recovery for me as both feet were affected and it took roughly 6 months off work. started off in plaster but then the removable blow up boot was released for nhs patients so ended up in that. problem for me was all the awkward walking even though very short distance from bed to toilet for 6 months started my left hip to start causing problems which a few years later i had a total hip replacement as well.

    roughly 25 years later both ankle and hip are both going strong. i have around 1/4 inch movement in mid foot to toes so can still drive a automatic. having a bmw where the excelorator is conected to the floor of the car makes it easier to drive compared to a pedal that is 3-4 inches off the ground.

    only main issue ive found is uneven pavements especially lose ones as if they move while im standing on it ive not got any give in my ankle so feel im going to fall. similar to uneven grass or sandy beach. all of these i guess will not matter if its a ankle replacement or fusion.