Ankle replacement - has anyone had this?

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Hi has anyone on here had a total ankle replacement ?



  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Dave460

    I have carried out a search of the Community and can find no recent reports of this surgery.

    I will now make this post an "announcement" that puts it at the top of the Recent Posts listing for a couple of days to see if we can get anyone's attention 😀

    Best wishes


  • Ellen
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    @Brynmor remember @prefabkid47

    It's going back, but he had his ankle replaced and called in 3 years post op still doing well. Probably in archive?


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    OK, trying to place links to @prefabkid47 posting regarding ankle surgery in some sort of order.

    NB posts are 10 years old and from the archive.

    As well as an amazing account over time, readers may like to know that Ron went on to have a Total Hip Replacement in 2016, recovering well from both operations.

    If any member has had experience of ankle replacement surgery, please do add to this in the Comments below. 😀

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    Meanwhile 😉 here's the NHS link which is interesting in who it is / is not suitable for.

    @prefabkid47 (Ron) if you're there - HELLO 😀

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  • prefabkid47
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    Hi everyone

    This is prefabkid here!!Yes really.

    Yes of course had my ankle replacement 10years ago and still appears to be ok with occasional discomfort associated with other bones of the foot.Don’t be tempted to abuse it.

    Hip replacement seems ok and no problems.

    Sorry have not been on line for a long while,but still enjoying a real ale.(dreamdaisy)


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    Hi guys!

    I used to be a Nurse working in Operating Theatre and I've recently been told I have a "high rheumatoid factor".

    I'm new to understanding rheumatoid issues, and learning to cope with pain in my hands, but I'm not new to operations so please feel free to ask any questions!

    If all I can offer is a bit of reassurance, then I'm happy. 😊

  • prefabkid47
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    Thank you for bringing up my postings regarding my ankle replacement.I’ve gone through these and it was quite an emotional journey especially all the messages of support from the forum members!I was quite moved.

    I hope at the same time it did give an insight in what I went through and gave some reassurance to those that were facing similar it wasn’t quite so bad.That was one of the main purposes of my postings.

    What was one of main results of going through my postings as said before was the support of forum members and many names seemed so familiar

    These did include among others dreamdaisy,dachshund,lindalegs,turbogran and stickwicket.There were many others but not enough room here.I do hope many are still posting I will keep my eyes open and keep in touch.

    Now I’ve broken the ice I will keep active.

    ron the prefabkid

    ps dream daisy as to the beer subject,my daughter is a trainee brewer at a large brewery!!

    ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy''. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
  • Limpalong
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    My wife had an ankle RECONSTRUCTION about 13 years ago, not Arthritis related but due to extreme weakness following a badly treated break as a child. As an illustration, our dog cannoned into her and she found herself wearing her foot backwards, in agony. Initial exploration of possibilities back then was “Don’t do it!”, and it became evident that such surgery was in its infancy. Further research elicited the name of an EXCELLENT lower limb specialist, Mr Maxwell, who carried out a spectacularly successful ankle reconstruction at Oaklands hospital in Salford. It changed her life. The same gentleman has since performed an Arthrodesis on my second Metatarsal which has helped my walking enormously. This was also at Oaklands, as an NHS patient, in early March last year.

    Covid will doubtless have caused big delays since then, but prior to its advent the waiting time to see Mr Maxwell was only a matter of days. Hope this helps.


  • Dave460
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    Thanks limpalong I had that 12 years ago after a roller skating accident but now the osteoarthritis has set in big time and they need to replace I've been waiting 18 months for the op now and it's getting silly with the pain

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    Hello Ron! @prefabkid47

    Really good to see your name on here and to know that 10 years after your op you can still help others in the same position as you were 😁

    Joan (dachshund) still pops in the café daily and Lindalegs had her shoulder replaced not so long ago did us a really good blog during recovery.

    I am so sorry @Dave460 for slightly hijacking your thread and really hope that soon you get your ankle sorted out pain is awful ((()))

    Toni x

  • 186Aylsham

    Just had total ankle replacement on the 15th of Feb. still in plaster. Pain for the first three days, everything's fine at the moment👌

    Brian 186

  • Anna
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    Hi @186Aylsham, I hope your total ankle replacement op went well.

    Although the link is quite old ( over 10 years!), one of our members has posted a really good series about their ankle replacement that you might find useful:

    @prefabkid47 is still a member of the community and I’m sure would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    It would be good to hear how you’re progressing - I’m sure other members will also find it useful.

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • 186Aylsham

    Thanks Anna .I will see how it goes in the weeks to come Brian