Total knee replacement

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Hi everyone, I can’t seem to find my post from a few weeks ago when I was very concerned about my post op assessment due to my weight. I received some very kind replies so thank you for that. It all went well, I wasn’t refused the knee surgery but I was informed that on the day of my op the anaesthetist may refuse to anaethetise me!!!! How comforting to know that!! 🙄

Anyway I’m here to say I had my knee replacement last Wednesday yaay and was safely home by Wednesday evening. I had a GA with no issues thank goodness. The physios saw me a few hrs post surgery and got me up and walking with crutches. I’m just so pleased so far with the progress and level of pain. I’m off the heavy duty painkillers and just take Paracetamol, Codeine and Ibuprofen although I’ve stopped that one due to heartburn. So I’m now day 4 post op. I’m due to be reviewed by the team tomorrow, they’ll redo my dressings and I’ll work on bending my knee some more. I’m up and about walking with crutches, pain is bearable so far and painkillers help so I’m grateful for that. I’ve been doing stairs too, both up and down but very carefully using my crutches and the info sheet my physio gave me about which leg to move first etc. I’d like to say a huge thank you the the Nuffield Surgical and day admissions teams for all the care and support they’ve given me. What an amazing team they are. 🤗


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    well done!

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    Congratulations! I can’t remember if this is your first new knee, but sister (who has two) said you need to work hard at the physio to get max flexion in your knee. She’s an aerobics teacher and keen gardener, and was even back out fell walking and horse riding post op. It can be done.

    keep up the good work, you're doing really well so far!

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    Lovely news to hear that you are doing so well after surgery xx

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    Wow, well done. You were operated and discharged all on the same day? Is that usual for knee replacement? I'm booked in for THR in October. I know quite a bit about the hip surgery but not the knee, and with THR hospital stay is often 2-3 days. Sounds like you are making a really good recovery.