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Can anyone recommend an easy to close front bra for large breasts; the atrhritis and carpel tunnel issues make back fastening hook and eye bras very difficult to put on and my condition is detiorating


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    Hi @Cayenne13  

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    I note that your carpel tunnel combined with arthritis symptoms causes difficulties with fastening hook and eye bras. 

    I found this article on the Versus Arthritis website as a starting point for you: 

    I hope that other forum members will be able to provide you with further suggestions. 

    Best Wishes

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  • I use all elastic sports bras as I have osteoarthritis in my shoulder ac joint and can't wear a strap over my shoulder. I'm a 44DD and these bras seem to work for me.

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    It is a right nuisance isn't it?

    I use front fastening bras. You can also get pull on bras.

    I did an internet search and found several makes that I can use.

    Good luck with finding what is right bra for you.

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    I just do mine up the wrong way round and swivel them afterwards. It's not the easiest but it works for me.

    This is an old thread I remember:

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    I am a 36H or 34HH depending on style. I have never found anything that works for me other than well designed underwired bras and ShockAbsorber sports bras, and I am very dependent on having a very tight back strap to take the load. I injured my shoulder a few years ago, and have some difficulty fastening a bra behind my back. What I usually do is turn the bra upside down and inside out, place it round me and fasten the hooks at the front under the breasts. Then I slowly rotate it round and once it’s in the right place, flip it up. This magically puts it, and everything else, in the right place. I ordered a front fastening bra once, but the contortions to keep large breasts in place in it whist also trying to do it up were beyond me, and it went back.

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    I have as many problems trying to help, front loaders seem to way to go at least to save me helping. There are a few firms making custom garments that assist? There is the issue of wire under supports which are uncomfortable?

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    I had to pop in here to see why Airwave needs to wear such undergarments! Now i see why - he is helping!

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    its a grin, honest!