Full knee replacement


Hi fellow arthritis sufferers. I have knee Osteoathritis in both knees. The right one was diagnosed about 7 years ago and through exercise got a lot better and doesn't give me much trouble so when my left knee started playing up I hoped it would respond in the same way. However, this was not the case. I now cannot straighten the left leg completely. On a recent visit to a consultant I was told that I needed a full knee replacement but that it wasn't bad enough to put me on the waiting list yet which I understand is at least two years. I cannot walk far now without it hurting despite orthopedic insoles/knee brace/poles but I'm still plodding along as I have a dog that needs regular walking. I'm now thinking of changing car to an automatic as my ankle and lower shin really aches if I have to use the clutch a lot. Is there anyone there who has had a full knee replacement and was it successful (I'm terrified of the op). I've started swimming and do pilates to keep my muscle strength up. I've thought about cycling but haven't tried recently, the last time I tried it was quite difficult without being able to straighten the leg.

It will be good to be in touch with people with the same condition.

Best wishes to all