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My mother has asked me to source her an elastic knee support. She wasn't keen when I suggested one with straps but I don't know whether a pull-on one would either be too difficult to get on or would not provide support.


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    Hi @JulieB

    It's lovely to see a daughter trying to help her Mother.

    I'm not sure whether it is your her own idea to try knee straps/braces?

    I am presuming your Mother has osteoarthritis of her knee/s? apologies if this is wrong. If you have time to read this article including the section 'Managing osteoarthritis of the knee' click on 'reducing the strain' it is recommended that we take advice from Dr or physiotherapist first before trying knee supports. That section gives a lot of other ideas which might help her too.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @JulieB ,

    Welcome to the Online Community. I appreciate this may not be what your Mum wants to hear but it is really important that your mum gets advice before going for a splint/elastic support of any sort. The best person to advise would be a physio as they will have the most experience of the different types available.

    I have knee OA and was keen to help myself as much as possible to keep moving and able to do all the things I love, but for me that outcome was best achieved with exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee, of course I used them on both knees and though I have needed one total knee replacement I have managed to put the other one off for a year or so.

    I see @frogmorton has given you a link to the Versus Arthritis website, it's a really good section and should help you and your mum make the best decisions for the future.

    It would be really great if you could let us know the outcome - I'm sure lots of others with knee issues would be keen to hear how you got on.

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Just to jump in @JulieB

    this is a recent thread talking about knee supports:

    I remembered it hope something helps your Mother ((()))

    Take care

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    I appreciate you taking the time and your advice. I understand about consulting a physiotherapist and the exercises in the book are useful. My mother (nearly 94 years old) has been wearing a sort of elasticated knee bandage once a week when she attends a gentle exercise class and thought something with a little firmer grip round the knees would be helpful.

    The exercise class takes place in the communal lounge of the flats where there is limited space. The participants sit in armchairs but we do mobility exercises for feet and legs, marching and tapping and lifting the knees.