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I was told recently that walking long distances wasn’t probably the best exercise for my knee and opposite hip. I was looking for some low impact exercises that I could do on a regular basis that would not aggravate my symptoms. Where’s the best place to go to find these please?



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    In my area Dynamichealth is a physiotherapy service which is funded by the NHS. If the same is available in your area you should be able to self refer yourself simply by completing an online form. Much better to use exercises recommended by a professional otherwise it's something of a lucky dip trying those you find on the internet. I've found, to my cost, that it's easy to overdo exercises and make things worse because I find the pains from overdoing things arise later rather than at the time.

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    Cycling and swimming both count as low-impact activities and leisure centres may have suitable groups you could join. I progressed from a very basic 'spinning' class on exercise bikes to purchasing my own mountain bike and enjoying rides with a companion on designated level trails/bridle paths.

    If you enjoy swimming there are usually a number of local options using leisure centre pools and private hotel pools. The latter are often less busy and warmer so easier on stiff, uncooperative joints.

    It may need a bit of research of local facilities but I hope you find something that appeals to you and is not too painful.

    There are also the excellent online exercise programmes promoted by this website that may interest you. ☺️

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    Hi @Mammatonks

    Is this of interest to you?

    Many of our members have found the programme very useful.

    Best wishes


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    Osteoarthritis of the knees severely curtailed my activities, walking, cycling and especially the gym. Versus Arthritis has helped enormously whilst waiting for the knee replacement needed - on the list but who knows when. In the meantime online sessions with Leon, Jay, Daphne and Kayleigh ( I do them all) has got me mobile again and back in the leisure centre for aquacise and spin classes. It is a different story now and the weight is going down all the time.

    It takes time but the mental health improvement is immediate and physical progress follows not long after. So massive thanks to all involved with VA.