How do you manage your knee OA when you live on your own

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Hi how do you manage your knee OA when you live on your own any advice please


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Blueskyday68

    I see you are struggling with OA of your knee and living alone.

    I am attaching a couple of links which you might find useful:

    Apologies if you have already seen these.

    Best wishes


  • Faballball

    Thanks, I’ve got perching stool, try to do housework in short bursts. Like hoover lounge, sit down cuppa. Then leave the stick hoover by stair lift so next time I go up to loo I take it upstairs. If next morning I get up I feel ok, I hoover upstairs landing. On a good day I might even hoover my bedroom.

    I always pull bed over when I get up as hate getting into unmade bed. I open window then shut the door as I go downstairs. Upstairs bins get dropped down stairs Tuesday mornings, I put them out by front door when I come down.

    I cope and if it’s not bad it doesn’t get done.

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    Welcome @Faballball to the online community.

    Thank you for your messages today. I see that you have a number of aids already in your home to give you additional support with your everyday life. I wondered if you have seen the Versus Arthritis page of "Arthr" products which are mentioned above?

    Like many of us who live with arthritis you have devised ways of managing to cope with everyday tasks. We all have good and not so good days when pain or fatigue can be quite challenging and it sounds as though you have learnt to accommodate life's ups and downs.

    There are lots of discussions and activities on the community and I hope you will join us again soon to share more of your experiences.

    Take Care


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