Partial Knee Replacement

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Hi All! I’m 18 days out from a PKR (left knee) and wanted to share my experience so far. This forum has been incredibly helpful for me as i both prepared and recovered so i thought it only right to share any feedback i have. I am 42 with Psoriatic Arthritis. Grade 4 OA in the knee. I had been experiencing so much pain with stairs, sleeping and doing anything other than cycling.

Preparation for either a PKR or TKR. Get those quads fired up! I spent a year on a stationary bike and boy has it paid off!

95% of your recovery is mental fitness. You need to be in the right head space going into the op and recovering from it. This was the best bit of advice my surgeon gave me as i had been very down with the pain i was experiencing. When recovering, remember you’ll have good and bad days. Accept this and celebrate the wins; big and small.

ICE, PHYSIO, REST. REPEAT. All three are equally important and ice is your best friend. Be militant with the ICE, PHYSIO, REST routine and commit to the physio programme you’ve been given - it will help you get that range back much quicker and will be the difference in how quickly you recover.

Take the pain meds in the first 7 days to help you with your physio - don’t be a hero. You’ll thank yourself!

Sleep when you need to and don’t fight it. This is your body recovering and is a vital part of the recovery process.

Day 7: I tried a 10-15 minute walk outside with my partner (and crutches) on the advice of my physio. Take it slow and easy and try and repeat every day.

At day 14 i was able to walk up the stairs unaided with a normal knee bend. I was SO happy.

Staples came out at day 15 and this was a big relief. This has also helped me stretch even further.

At day 15 i was also put on a stationary bike and day 16 onwards I’ve been doing a 20 minute scenic ride on my Peloton. The first minute is tough - I’m not gonna lie. But your muscle and knee will stretch out and after that first minute i move my knee with ease.

Day 18 (today) i walked down the stairs unaided with a normal knee bend. Another BIG milestone! I also added a 30 minute walk to my physio routine. I am now resting again - resting is a big big part of the recovery (something I needed to learn!). My dressing also came off today - great to see the progress from day 1 of the wound too!

From a meds perspective i am now off any painkillers unless absolutely needed in the night (this tends to be when it’s most uncomfortable as the knee has worked hard in the day).

Everyone’s journey will be different and it’s important to remember this. Don’t kick yourself (not that you can anyway!) if you don’t have a good day. It happens.

I hope this is helpful to those of you consider or just about to go through PKR/TKR - Happy to answer any questions if you have them! Big thank you to those who have shared their journey and helped me.

The journey continues!


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    Hi there. I hope things are continuing well. It's very kind of you to post this to help others. I've had 3 TKRs and two THRs and agree with almost all you say. I would just emphasise that there is no one-size-fits-all and even staples/stitches can be different. But, yes, exercises and rest are key to a good recovery. You sound to be doing well. Excellent!

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    Thank you @sheriffshuffles

    For taking the time to post this 'blog'/diary to help others who may be in a similar position in future🙂

    Best wishes


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    Brilliant @sheriffshuffles

    This is not currently relevant to me but it could be in future.

    For plenty of others too

    Do keep us updated if you have time and WELL DONE!

    Take care

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    Hi there I hope you are ok and back 2 your self & in less pain 🤗 I agree with all u have said everyone is different but I am a believer in mental fitness Meditation & exercise 🏊‍♀️ 🏋️ & listening 2 your body & not pushing beyond your limits I always do a tick chart 4 my days after ops & do chair exercises if I can’t stand well & go 4 a little walk using my Walker to build up my strength everyday also I get into a warm bath every morning & evening to keep trying 2 bend my knee I do sets I have had 3 knee replacements and hip waiting 4 another new knee as It has corrosion on it & has stopped bending had it done twice already other leg that I recently had done is a totally different kind of knee and I have no problems with I’m also having my spine done as I have a prolapsed disc been in waiting list now for 27 weeks 4 my spine & 23 for my knee replacement there’s up to a 15 month wait at mo I’m so looking 4 ward to getting it done I can’t wait to be able 2 dance again & get rid of spasms in my legs

    lots of 🤗💕

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    All you have written concurs with what I know I will need to do after my knee replacement in a few weeks time so thank you for sharing your experiences. I am 73 but agree that state of mind is the most important factor not only for coping with recovery but also for reducing the experience of pain.

  • Hi all, not sure if this thread is still being read but just in case would appreciate any comments. I had a PKR 23 days ago and up until a week ago thought I was doing reasonably well. I do all my exercises, which are fairly painfree and have good range of movement, walk 30 minutes a day and a few minutes on exercise bike. My problem is pain seems to be getting worse! It almost constantly aches and I am back on paracetamol and 30mg codeine 4 times a day. It hurts to walk and at rest. Only relief is elevation with ice. Any suggestions as to what I can do to improve things would be appreciated- is this normal - is standing at kitchen sink etc aggravating it? Thanks in advance.

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    I am going to @sheriffshuffles

    for you @Beverley010 in the hope that she gets an email and maybe has time to respond to you.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Beverley010

    Sometimes we can unwittingly overdo it when recovering from surgery. Those soft tissues in there are also healing and repairing for the trauma of the procedure. Maybe going backwards to go forwards might be what is needed I don't know as I'm just a normal member.

    You might be wise to just step back a bit for now and limit your activities just to the exercises you've been told to do.

    If elevation and icing is helping then that might be what you have to do for now.

    Obviously if rest doesn't settle things back down I know I would consider taking advice from someone on your medical team. Have you started seeing a physio yet?

    I hope some of the knee people might see this and give you their take. My surgeries have so far not included knees.

    Take care and keep posting

    Toni xx