When poorly

Why do I feel worse than I would of done pre Arthritis diagnosis when I become ill?

I am really struggling when becoming poorly with things like a common cold and finding it frustrating as it seems to floor me. I was one of those that with a cold and flu tablet could carry on and do my job, live my life etc and now I seem to have to stop, sleep and take time off and I hate it.

I don't know if it is just me or if anyone else seems to find this.

Any help / advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @BGem and welcome to the Online Community, great to have you here.

    Yes, I'm the same! If I get a cold or similar, my back turns into a source of real pain and stiffness for what seems like days where I can't sit comfortably and finding a position to lie down for sleep becomes a real job - once in place I seem to stay there and so I'm particularly stiff and aching in the morning.

    What works for me is I take aspirin to help ease the aches and look after myself - being gentle and not expecting too much.

    With everyone taking precautions because of COVID-19, there have been very few recent discussions of colds and flu:



    Most advice is to try to avoid catching colds and flu! I will be interested to read what other members suggest as to why it feels worse now with arthritis.

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions, give support or call in for a chat to say how you are getting on. You will be most welcome.

    Best wishes


  • Hi @BGem

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. I'm not sure what type of arthritis you are affected by, and that might have a bearing on the situation, so do let us know. And I can see @Brynmor has come back to you.

    If you were wanting more answers from people living with arthritis, the living with arthritis Forum may be a good option for you.

    All the best

    Guy - Helpline Team

  • Mike1
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    At the first sign of a cold I take double doses of soluble vitamin C - the type that fizz in water - for a couple of days and the cold does not develop. I have been doing this for a few years and it has worked every time, I do not take anything else. The body gets rid of any excess vitamin C when going to the loo so no side effects.