Shingles while on Methotrexate

I've just started feeling the first twinges of Shingles. I've had it twice before, but both times were before I started Methotrexate.

I've spoken to a GP, and am going to be starting on Aciclovir asap. Obviously I'll be skipping my mtx until told otherwise. Luckily, I already have next week off work (OU exam, so doing that with Shingles will be a joy).

I'm mostly just hoping someone has some advice on what to expect with Shingles while on an immunosuppressant. Has anybody here got experience of it? It was bad enough the last two times, but I'd like to be forewarned if it's likely to be a lot worse.



  • pisica
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    Well, the Shingles is not too awful at this point - some pain and a lot of itching. No fever, at least.

    But boy, am I ever feeling the effects of missing my mtx. I started with the shingles on Thursday, was due my mtx injection on Friday, enjoyed the lack of nausea over the weekend, and woke up on Monday feeling like I'd rolled down a hill hitting every stone on the way down.

  • Arthuritis
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    @pisica hi, I am in the same boat now. No clear advice on whether to take MTX & ACV while suffering from a bout of shingles… how did yours go?

    Anyone else had shingles while on MTX? How did both RA & shingles progress?

    @stickywicket@frogmorton Any thoughts, or recollections of anyone else having this?

    got my shingles diagnosis today. I am certain it was triggered by a gentle brush on my lower spine with a nettle while gardening… The brush I barely felt, but next day I had a 50p sized red blotch. Shingles didn’t occur to me until it started spreading along a dermatome line. Doc confirmed today. Unfortunately there is little literature on how to best manage shingles in our community of MTX /immune suppressed.

  • stickywicket
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    Sorry, I can't be of use except to say I'd be amazed if you were told to continue with the meth for now. And, if I couldn'f get through to my rheumatology helpline for advice, I'd skip it anyway. However, I'm further down the RA line than you and I've skipped it before - while on antibios, bedore ops etc. Try to get decent advice and good luck. I don't envy you.

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