Shingles while on Methotrexate

I've just started feeling the first twinges of Shingles. I've had it twice before, but both times were before I started Methotrexate.

I've spoken to a GP, and am going to be starting on Aciclovir asap. Obviously I'll be skipping my mtx until told otherwise. Luckily, I already have next week off work (OU exam, so doing that with Shingles will be a joy).

I'm mostly just hoping someone has some advice on what to expect with Shingles while on an immunosuppressant. Has anybody here got experience of it? It was bad enough the last two times, but I'd like to be forewarned if it's likely to be a lot worse.



  • pisica
    pisica Member Posts: 19

    Well, the Shingles is not too awful at this point - some pain and a lot of itching. No fever, at least.

    But boy, am I ever feeling the effects of missing my mtx. I started with the shingles on Thursday, was due my mtx injection on Friday, enjoyed the lack of nausea over the weekend, and woke up on Monday feeling like I'd rolled down a hill hitting every stone on the way down.

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