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Hi all

Newly diagnosed OA of hips and spine (I’m 34). And although I’m happy I know what’s causing my pain and I’m going through different medications to help without feeling too stoned. But what can I do to counter act the tiredness? I had like 8 and half hours sleeps last night and I’m now yawning and feeling I could nap. I’m not a napping sort of person. But I’ve noticed a pattern. This isn’t a new thing, it’s been going on for a long time. I thought it was just my life: work and home. But I’m currently off work and I’m shattered. Any non pharmaceutical remedies to help counter act this?



  • Jona
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    Hi Jennistewart442,

    Ive been like that for some time now and I know exactly how you feel I have a theory that it’s the body’s way of trying to heal itself but failing I’ve just been to Tesco with my son and I couldn’t make it around the store had to admit defeat and go back to the car now I feel like I’ve been kicked in the back by a horse mines in my spine and knees and I feel exhausted I’m sure it’s the body saying oi that’s enough I take tramadol and it makes me feel so sick and disoriented I prefer to function but unfortunately I’ve not yet come across a non pharmaceutical remedy apart from hot water bottle or the cold wraps I put on my knee and tens machines they don’t stop the pain but rather take the edge off.

    hope someone here can better advise you take care

    Jona 💐💐

  • Hi Jona

    I am hoping to get a tens machine next week when I’m paid so I can go back to work and just be able to walk without looking like I’ve pooped myself 🤣🤣🤣

    I don’t want to be in work without feeling like a need a nap every 2 hours. I’m hoping my time off will help but I’m also hoping that I find something in the mean time that will help

  • N1gel
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    Yes, I know what you mean. I find sometimes it's the fear of pain rather than the actual pain. Especially when I've got up after a good eight hours sleep and think about the day ahead..

  • Jona
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    I know the feeling I walked like I was trying to hold in a wee I took tramadol last night and just coming out of my tracoma I’ve taken early retirement but it has helped greatly being able to rest but the sheer stress of navigating the benefits system is overwhelming it’s actually causing me anxiety and depression not to mention feeling like a scrounger

    I hope you get sorted with tens machine I have 4 now sometimes feel like I’m wired I think I could now power a lightbulb

    take care

    love Jona 💐💐😊

  • Wish I could take early retirement 🤣 but I’m still a youngling and have a few decades to go before that’s a possibility

    I’m exhausted today due to a change in pain relief which is also making me feel sickly. I don’t tolerate opiates well (co codamol 15/500). I know it’s not a huge amount but to me it’s knocking me for six. Thank god my son is with his dad. Couldn’t cope with him and feeling like this as well

  • Jona
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    I’m from the generation worked since 15: raised 2 children alone, worked 4 jobs at times to pay the bills, had a private pension but was frozen when I had second child then told I can’t take my pension till I’m 66 3 years away crippled with arthritis ,had 2 near death experiences in and out of tracoma due to tramadol, have a severe skin condition, and can’t even hug my grandchildren. Wish I was young now I’m frowned upon for not walking fast enough in a supermarket being ill young or old isn’t nice I feel like I’ve been used up and thrown away

  • Manders27
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    I am so sorry you feel this way, it is hard to see through the pain I know. Have you spoken to your medical team about how you feel. Sometimes a referral to a therapist can help with the mental health side of things which in turn helps with dealing with the pain. Don't give up keep pushing for further help, financial, your skin condition, and the pain. You are deserving of help just as any of us are.

  • airwave
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    I’m afraid that feeling tired is part an£ parcel of arther, but, although ther3 is a time we need to recover make sure you don’t spend too much time recovering? Do some jobs, keep your mind active and time will pass, at the end of the day you will feel tired and consequently sleep well and wake more refreshed. As in everything in life, moderation, work within your physical abilities and learn your limits.

    Boom and bust is not the way forward!

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Jona
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    Hi @Manders27 ,

    Thank you so much for your concern it’s nice to know how lovely some people can be, I’m not depressed at all I just see things with the light on rather than being in the dark I know I don’t have the right to expect anything from anyone apart from a little respect we all deserve that recently though things have happened that have shocked me to the core so I’ve decided to take charge I’m only in first gear at the mo but I’ll get there

    take care 💐💐😊

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