Hi everyone;-)

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Hi all,

I have recently been told I need both knees replaced (total knee replacement).

I had an injury in right knee 40 years ago which has really affected both legs now. My 'good' knee is worse than the bad one now;-) with osteoarthritis.

I tried to get a referral back to a surgeon who did a debridement of the right knee but was told I have to go through a certain consultant that I was referred to by GP.

I've been told I need these ops - I still work and keep fit, but have been told I have to have a physio appointment first...the physio dept have contacted me to say they just can't fit me in because of Covid, which is understandable but can't get knees done until I've seen them. Very frustrating as I feel I will be unable to continue a fitness regime if legs worsen, and that means not being as fit and strong when I finally have my knees done!

Anyone else had this frustrating experience?


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