If its not in my arms its in my legs

What a strange alien malady. First go it was everywhere and I couldn't move without pain. Now If it's not in my arms aching its in my hands, if its not in my hands its in my knees, if it's not in my knees its in my legs like its crawling around and trying to find somewhere to hide. What on earth is it doing.


  • airwave
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    Yep, I recognise that, just arther bu£&5ng us about! On a more practical note I believe it’s the pain that hurts most that we notice more. Often I get severe pain in one place and it blocks all the other pain reception.

    pits a grin, honest!

  • Baloo
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    Thats helpful @airwave cus if my knees hurt I might ignore that my arms hurt, and that could mean big trouble for arms. Well spotted.

  • Same. When it’s in my legs I wish it was back in my arms.. but then when it’s back in my arms I hate it even more. I currently have it in arms and legs which is fun

  • Baloo
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    @RavenHairedPixie @airwave I got somewhere and nowhere. I corrected the posture at my shoulders, gaining a significant improvement, so I will pass on that tip, and now ever since 12mins of stepper exercise a month ago, It's in my knees all the time as a stiffness in the morning, where it never was before, so it must have been fragile and thats another tip.

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