Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis

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Hi I had a motorcycle accident with a drug driver 19 months ago. I’ve had a metal pelvis plate put in as well as metal holding my leg together. I need a hip replacement asap. It was being done via Nuffield but now I’ve been ipt back to the nhs. Because it’s a complex operation that needs to happen. I also keep collapsing and the doctors don’t seem to care I’m 24 years old and all I want todo is go back to work. I was also given Covid by the nurses.


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    Hi @Damonk96 Welcome to the online community.

    I see you have Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis. Just to be clear is this as a result of your motorcycle accident?

    You are in need of a hip replacement as soon as possible, but your operation has been put back. I take it the private Hospital couldn't safely deal with the complexity of your case.

    You must feel so frustrated waiting and to top it all you caught COVID in hospital.

    I hope it helps to know you are not alone:

    Versus Arthritis have been campaigning for some time about waiting times for surgery their petition 'Impossible to Ignore'

    Before l go I just want to say that the young people's category can be fairly quiet so if you don't get many replies you could try reposting in the main 'Life with Arthritis' category.

    Best wishes


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    Gosh I am sorry @Damonk96

    I am not a young person but my daughter (23) is and she had AVN as a result of chemotherapy for leukaemia. She had core decompression on her hip and a new shoulder at 18 and 19. Luckily for her this was before COVID.

    I so feel for you as I have Arthritis myself, but watching her life be on hold and the pain she was in was just dreadful.

    Avascular necrosis is rare and even rarer in young people. Have you found the support group for it?

    Take care and I really hope you post soon that you have a date for your surgery.

    By the way there are a few threads in 'Life with Arthritis' which are by people who have recently had their hips done might be useful to read up on while you are waiting.