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Hi my name is Lizzyq and I have osteoarthritis in both my knees, my left knee being the worst. More recently I have been experiencing a new kind of pain in the left side and behind my left knee and have been prescribed capsaicin cream for relief. I am considering total knee replacement surgery as I have bouts of pain and stiffness when I'm walking and sometimes am unable to do everyday tasks.


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    Hi @Lizzyq - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've got pain in your knees due to Osteoarthritis, and you're considering having knee replacement surgery. Your left knee has been getting worse, and you've been given Capsaicin cream to help.

    I understand where you're coming from, I too have Osteoarthritis in my knees which affects my walking and being able to do normal things. It's always worse for me on slopes and stairs.

    People who have had total knee replacement surgery have said it's made a huge difference to them, but you must be aware that the waiting list for surgery at the moment is very long, so you'll have to look at other things you can do in the meantime even if you choose to go for that.

    Have a look at our information here - I'd particularly look at the Managing Symptoms section, as it's got some useful ideas:

    One of the better (but more difficult) things we can do for our joints is to exercise them specifically. Versus Arthritis have some exercises specifically for knees which help strengthen the muscles around your joints. This improves long term mobility for you, and it helps to take some of the strain off your bones and reduce your pain. One of the things to be aware of with arthritis and exercise is you should not exercise to the point of pain. If it hurts then you need to stop and take it easier, work your way slowly up to the harder exercises and be aware of how your body is feeling.

    Do take a look around our community and see what other people have said. A lot of us have knee issues, so there are a few conversations which may be of interest you. We also always welcome new voices, so please do feel like you can join in any conversations which interest you.

    It's lovely to meet you!