Waiting see consultant sad

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Ongoing back pain turns out

degenerative change at the L5/S1 level with an area of

spondylolisthesis and corresponding spondylitic defects. But now inflammation all over my body legs really bad my ankle just gives way from under me leg twice size they were. In arms and fingers bad at moment lots inflammation and psoriasis.

Waiting see consultant next month and mri on spine results im 41 two children one is a toddler. My mobility is terrible I walk with a stick my husband has to help me dress. I'm on pain killers and naproxen feel pretty low off it all.


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    Hi @Vickyrose - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have spondylolisthesis in a specific area of your spine. In addition, your legs have swollen up really badly with inflammation and you're struggling with being able to walk and doing normal tasks. You're waiting on seeing a specialist for more information.

    Seeing a specialist is definitely the best thing to do. In the meantime, I'd investigate other ways to deal with your pain. With inflammation we often suggest cold packs could help. I'd also see what other painkillers you could take. Your pharmacist may be able to recommend something which is safe to take with naproxen.

    We do have some information which may be of help to you Have a look at the below and see if it helps:

    Pain and arthritis booklet

    When you're in pain it's important to look after yourself emotionally as well. Count your wins, however small, and be kind to yourself at all times.

    Do have a look around the community and join in any conversation you find interesting - we welcome new members and voices 😊

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    Thank you