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Hi Don’t know if I have got spelling correct I’d be interested in how anyone has got on taking this I have RA in hands and feet and hesitant to take it and have been trying all self help and supplements up until now. Years ago I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia now blood tests confirm RA , think I’m still in denial and think this flare up will go away on its own


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    Hi @Fergie

    Welcome to the online community its great to see you posting.

    You have RA in your hands and feet and have been trying self help and supplements and years ago you were diagnosed with fybromyalgia and now your blood tests has confirmed RA. We all when we first have arthritis go in denial but soon seek help,you dont say wether you have been referred to a Rheumatologists or not they would give you a Rheumatoid arthritis nurse you can talk to and help with medication to relieve the pain and symptoms.You would like to know how people got on with Hydroxychloroquine.


    Hope these links help you in some way.Please keep in touch and do chat on our forum everyone being friendly and helpful.

    All the best Christine

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    Thank you Christine Yes I’ve seen Rheumatologist who prescribed Hydroxychloroquine but I’ve had so many reactions to everyday medications like ibuprofen and penicillin and anaphylaxis I’m scared to take it. He did give me a nurse but I’m afraid to contact her and let them know I’m worse and keep hoping it’s just a flare up and will go as quick as it came Just thinking be positive but I’m sure I’m in denial as empathise with everyone posting I just wondered how others have benefited

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    I wonder how much you know about RA. Have a read https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/rheumatoid-arthritis/

    As you'll see, the flare might go but the RA won't and flares can result in permanent damage. That must sound harsh if you've had allergic reactions to meds before but I don't think hydroxy causes any. I've been on it for over 20 years along with methotrexate. No harm done at all and plenty of good.

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    Thank you its good to hear that you have been okay on it, it’s all the side effects on literature with meds that terrifies me . I was diagnosed 18 months ago but by time prescribed meds flare up had reduced intensity so I just continued with my self help but for past 6 months it’s back with a vengeance and mobility and everyday tasks becoming really difficult. I think just in denial and fear if meds but reality is sinking in now that can’t go on like this

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    Hi @Fergie

    Bless you Stickywicket says it so well. This flare may well die down, but the RA will still be there. Hydroxy is by far one of the safest DMARDs (Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs). When I first started it all I got was belly churning solved for me by taking half way through a meal.

    When you give it a try let us know how it goes ((()))


    Toni xxx
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    Thank you frogmorton for help put my mind at rest I will contact my doctor and rheumatology nurse and consultant grateful for your response

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    I have taken this for a couple of years now but I have stopped because it's now affecting my eyes lots of floaters i asked the optician and after tests agreed it was that drug