Shoulder Arthritis

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I've recently been diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my left shoulder .I'm absolutely gutted as I teach Yoga & I thought I was looking after all my joints! I've recently had steroid injections into my biceps muscle as a lot of my pain is there. Unfortunately it hasn't helped

Any advice please?



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    Hello @Marjie53

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community.

    I see you have had a recent diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in your left shoulder. I am sure you have been looking after your joints, keeping active with Yoga.

    You would like to know what else might help. While you are waiting for our members to reply I am attaching a link which is definitely relevant:

    Best wishes


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    As someone who has had arthritis in most joints for many years I can only suggest you check out Versus Arthritis's page on exercises. Shoulders are horrible as it's hard to get a comfortable position with them. Steroid jabs work for some people sometimes. A bit hit and miss. Exercise gently, slowly and carefully when flaring. Use weights (building up very slowly) when not. Ask to see a physio. Good luck!

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    Morning @Marjie53

    Nice to meet you.

    As Stickywicket says shoulders are pretty horrible. Luckily for me mine have only ever flared up for fairly short periods with (so far) no lasting effects.

    A friend of mine has had the injections into hers twice and them she had keyhole surgery to like 'scrape and polish' the bone. Sorry it was cleaned up a bit was how she was told and it really worked for her. My daughter though had to have her shoulder joint replaced at 19 due to cancer treatment as hers had totally collapsed.

    Get yourself a referral to physio in the short term that's the starting point and has your Dr prescribed anything pain wise to help?

  • Marjie53
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    Hi Toni & Stickywicket

    Thank you for getting back to me

    All the exercises for shoulders on the site are ones I've been doing for ages in my Yoga classes, I'm going to take break from teaching so I can think things through!

    I've had a steroid injection but unfortunately it didn't"t work so I'm considering my next options

    Hopefully something will help

    Marjie x

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    Hello Marjie.

    I was a PE teacher so also extremely active before developing widespread OA. I've had issues with both shoulders and steroid injections did nothing for me, either, even when guided by ultrasound scanning. (By comparison injections into my knees were very effective but because of potential side effects were only offered for a limited period.)

    Following that I had keyhole surgery on my right shoulder with a great result that has lasted more than ten years. I still have full movement and strength in that joint which is fine for all exercise purposes. Thankfully I am right-handed!

    My left shoulder has a different story to tell as I managed to fracture the head of humerus. It was repaired surgically but the combination of fractures and OA resulted in loss of blood supply and a total reverse shoulder replacement 15 months later. Again I made a good recovery and am usually pain-free.

    As has been said, shoulders are complex joints for which replacement (especially the reverse version) produces variable outcomes so is not offered widely. There are clear bans on lifting and carrying, all contact sports etc so some life changes are inevitable. My strength and range of movement are considered very good but are permanently reduced so would render Yoga somewhat asymmetric and make it inadvisable to take weight through the arm. Even so the result is vastly better than before the surgery.

    You mention that most of your pain is in the biceps muscle so I wonder if you might have an additional injury to the biceps tendon/rotator cuff as that is quite common but will only show up on a scan. It might be worth asking about that since allowing such an injury to heal could help with better support of the arthritis damage.

    I don't know what 'next options' you are considering or whether you have been referred to a shoulder surgeon but I hope you are soon able to reach informed decisions that enable you to retain an active lifestyle.

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    Thank you so much for all the information!

    I have been recommended by my consultant to try a supra scapula nerve block . although I don't know anyone who has had that procedure . I have an appointment this week so should get more info

    I'm also seeing a physio who comes highly recommended by .son who also has shoulder problems ... he's amartial arts instructor.

    I do wonder if i have rotator cuff or biceps tendon injury as most of my pain in in my arm.

    Trying to get a scan on the NHS will ne nigh on impossible at the moment so I'm going to have to think about going privately .

    I'm not even considering a shoulder replacement at the moment !!

    It sounds like you have been through a great deal and I'm so pleased to hear that you are relatively pain free now

    Take care


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    Hi @Marjie53

    I have had bad shoulders for many years and recently decided to try some acupuncture to help with the pain and to relax my muscles too as they get very tight. I have found it very useful indeed. I also find heat pads really help. I use relaxation methods to try and relax my shoulders, everything helps a bit.


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    diagnosed With osteoarthritis in AC and Glenhumeral joint and nerve compression. Left shoulder. Right shoulder rotary tear- thought to be compensating. Had cortisone injection in left shoulder but did not work - trying hydrodilitation before considering micro surgery and manipulation

    been unable to pursue physio due to pain and poor range movements so far

    will let you know how I get on


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    Hiya I have had first right and now left shoulder arthritis with pain and discomfort for about 5 years now. I have had one steroid injection which did not help too much. Also 3 x blocks of physio through my workplace. I faithfully did my exercises daily for over 2 years .... felt I was amassing more and more exercises to do (I think I had about 20 different exercises by this time last year). I was losing a sense of how often this was good for me, which to do when etc etc. I went to an NHS physio recently after an Xray which showed deterioration. She has consulted with me in the phone and reduced down to a few simple consistent exercises which she will then build up. I have to say that after all this time this has brought about a great improvement, pain is reduced, sleep better....I think the moral of the story obvious as it seems is that exercises need to be properly tailored to the individual. The other thing she explained well was heat and cold treatment...I have a long "tube" hot water bottle which goes across both shoulders too which is helpful.

    Good luck to everyone managing this condition x

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    Hi @Bonniekey and welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand you have had a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and some treatment to your left shoulder which wasn't effective. You will now be trying hydrodilatation for this shoulder. Our website doesn't have any information on this procedure but I was able to find this document from the West Suffolk NHS Trust that may provide some useful information on what to expect:

    Do let us know how you get on as no members have reported on having this treatment and we are very interested to see how effective this may be.

    Do join in across the Online Community, ask questions, give advice and call in to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes