Temporal Arteritis

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Hello everyone. Are there any other members here who have Giant Cell Arteritis, also called Temporal Arteritis? Or who have experience of steroids and analdrenic acid effects....thank you and best wishes to all you fellow warriors.


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    Hi...I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica about 8 years ago, although never had TA. The pain was just awful, worst being in shoulders/neck/back of head/knees. I could barely get up stairs or out of bed. I started on Steroids (20mg) on the Friday by Saturday lunchtime I was like a new person, like nothing was wrong, a miracle. However, there are drawbacks to Steroids, the tablet is a strong little thing. We all have different side effects, I was lucky I didn't get the 'moon face' but if you do, as you come down it starts to disappear. It has had an effect on my leg muscles but in time it has eased off to an extent. For me, it has made the skin on my arms very thin, hence I get purple blobs appear if I knock my arms but soon the bruise like mark re-absorbs. I have been up & down my mg's like a yo yo, as I have had many flare ups, as you will learn you have to come down very slowly. Personally I made the decision to go on Steroids because I had no life without severe pain, had a young Grandson I couldn't enjoy and although I didn't much like the side effects, they gave me my life back being able to walk liked I used to. There are lots of forums out there giving all sorts of information, do & don't's of being on Steroids. I had to learn myself, my GP was useless in helping me. Lots of blood tests to see what your ESR level is which will tell you /Dr if you can reduce the dosage. All the best to you and hope you get treatment you need. Feel free to ask me anything you are unsure about.

    PS. Alendronic Acid, I refused to have it after doing research & knowing two people who had bad experiences with it but that is my decision, again, do some research on it and ask questions.

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