Hi I have just joined this forum. I am 60 yrs old and have OA and Fibromyalgia as well as other things.

I'm looking for a bit of support. I wasdiagnosed with OA a year ago but I have had no follow ups at my doctors at all.

I work 28 hrs per week but am struggling so badly at work at the minute that I need to reduce my hours. I signed up to U/Credit but only had 2 payments and my third payment I received nothing.

I am so scared of reducing my hrs in case I do not get any financial help.

I am trying to write a letter to my GP practice asking if I could have their support and an assessment but I'm not very good with words and I've so much to say I don't want to bore them.

2 yrs ago it was suggested that seeing a rheumatologist may help but nothing was done.

I know it's hard to get an appt with your GP re the Covid situation but I am now desperate to find some help and support. Can I request another OA scan to see which stage I'm at.

I would welcome some feedback if you have any.

Thanks 😊


  • PeterJ
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    Hello @Marge13 have you looked at the following article? It might help

    I would certainly contact your GP again they are there to help. Also have you tried Citizens Advice?

    Best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Marge13 , I'm sorry you're struggling. Not being followed up after diagnosis two years ago is too long, pandemic or no pandemic. I don't feel you're being unreasonable asking for a face to face appointment with your GP so that you can be properly assessed and referred to a rheumatologist, MSK clinic (MusculoSkeletal) or pain clinic. My GP was prepared to give me a face to face during the first lockdown, so it can be done, and GPs are being asked to do more face to face appointments now. Some practices are better than others though. It sounds like, at the very least, you need to have your pain meds reviewed, as your current regime doesn't sound like it's working, and possibly referral to a physio.

    Sometimes we slip through the cracks, particularly during the current craziness, but it's ok to give them a nudge, it really is. If you don't tell them you're getting worse and need support, they're not going to know.

    Meanwhile, if you can tell us more about your OA, there are some exercises you can do that will mobilise and support your affected joints, which you may find make your life a bit easier. You do need to keep them up for a long time, building up gently and slowly, for it to make a difference, so stick with it. (My physio says several months). There are some exercise classes (eg Let's Move with Leon) on this site which are as gentle as you need them to be but also quite good fun, and which may also help to keep you mobile.

  • Jules70
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    Hi i found my local citizens advice really helpful when i was struggling in terms of work with oestearthritis.they put me in touch with my local jobcentre and told me what i would be entitled to claim with universal credit,and helped me to apply for it.

    I would definately speak to your GP again get referal to orthopaedics to have investigations done as to how severe the Arthritis is.I was originally on nhs waiting list for a right knee replacement waited over year due to covid,then got my GP to refer me to private hospital under nhs .I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who had me in for xrays and mri scans was told over 12 months ago i needed both knees replacing due to severe oa bone on bone.I was in severe pain and my mobility was severely restricted had to give up my job in the nhs 2 years ago as i couldnt do it walking about standing or going up down stairs.

    I had my right knee replaced in january this year and in july i had my left knee replaced within 6 months of each other,so have spent the whole year recovering from two major surgerys.

    Its been really tough and am still recovering of what ive been told is a 12-2 year recovery.

    I claim UC jointly with my partner and i also get pip which does help me alot financially .I dont know a lot about your circumstances,but if you have a look on website called turn2us theres a lot of really useful information on there.

    Hope this helps

  • Jules70
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    Just thought too what work you do as Arthritis is classed as a disability under the discrimination act and your employer is unable to discriminate because you have become disabled.Maybe speak to your union rep if you have one for advice re-your working conditions.