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Good morning dear All😀

On the 13th November while in a shop and barely moving (was choosing pressies for my grand tinies) my knee suddenly gave me awful pain going up and down my leg. I eventually hobbled to the till and the kind shop asst got me a chair: thus was the beginning of my osteoarthritis journey.

I am an active 55 year old that loves to exercise. I especially enjoy plodding...its my version of running 😂 but I love to do it.

I work part time in a physical -on -your -feet- don't -stop -job. I need to work and I love to work.

Currently sat resting and on sick leave.

I'm a Mum to 4 grow up children and Nanna to 9 Tinies...number 9 grand arrival in Feb, all being well.🥰 Also mummy to a bunn and a kitt 😊😊

I don't want osteoarthritis to define or label me and hope to be able to run and cycle and enjoy exercise again.

I am new to this and am not sure I am getting the help from GP that I need.

Would love to hear your stories and how you persevere in difficult times.

I also am going through that time in life with the rollercoaster of menopause.

Great to have found You!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



  • Hi @SandsLovesToRun

    Welcome to the online community- it's great to have you here! You have certainly come to the right place as you begin your journey with OA!

    I'm glad to hear that you're active and not willing to let your recent diagnosis define you- but make sure that you take the time that you need to rest and let you body recover. I am 34 and am a Mammy to a 5 year old, full time teacher and enjoy running and dancing (I also have arthritis but the OA in my knee has suddenly become a lot worse) It's taken a lot to admit that I can't just keep running through the pain like I previously would have because in reality I'm doing myself more harm than good. I've reduced what I do, given myself breaks and time to recuperate and have used some more gentle exercises where I needed to.

    Stay strong- you just need to 'own' this and make it work for you, listening to your body. We also have some great exercise links for people with arthritis. Everything has been specifically designed with people with arthritis in mind, and you can do as much or as little as you like:

    Everyone is different, but after keeping my arthritis 'secret' for years, I spoke to my friends and colleagues and talking to them when things are difficult really helps. They don't always understand, but they are a listening ear- just like this lovely community.

    Keep talking to us and explore the community!

    Take care,


  • SandsLovesToRun

    Thank you Sarah!

    Hope the painful knee improves and you can continue to run. Just listen to your body and walk when running is too much.

    You sound very upbeat and positive. It's great to hear.

    I have been told I have O A flare up by 2 gps and one of them that said it doesn't necessarily mean I can't run. Also the physiotherapist in the gp practice thought it might be O A. It was a life changing thing to happen and I never thought it could be that. I've had no knee pain and ran a 5km the day it suddenly hurt.

    I paid to see a private physiotherapist that's helped me before and he says it's a meniscus tear. This makes good sense as I've never had pain in my knees until that Saturday in the shop.

    I've a lot of mending to do inside but I hope to fully recover from this.

    I think it highlights getting second and third opinions on anything that doesn't sit well.

    Would like to say that my youngest son has aggressive R A but has improved a lot with biologic meds. Reading articles and posts on here has pressed upon me the need for regular exercise. I knew it before but its highlighted the importance of it.

    On YT there's a great video by Parkrun on exercise esp mentions O A and R A. Would recommend this to you all for your encouragement.

    Best wishes to you All

    Sands x🤗