FlexiSEQ? - Naah!

I heard about this stuff from an article on Alex Scott who is championing it - for a fee. Now I know you should try it before you diss it, but the claims about how it works are so preposterous that it's one of those deserving to be dismissed out of hand.

The manufacturer claims that it contains microscopic particles that migrate to your joint, attach to the cartilage and lubricate it.

Yeah right. I have two issues with this. Firstly, it's a very long way on a microscopic scale from your skin to your joint. Now in lithe Alex, the distance from her skin to her ankle is considerably less than the distance from MY skin to my hip. But even in her case, unless these particles have little tails and can squirm magically between all the cells in the way, there's no way these magic particles will successfully complete the journey.

My second issue is once these magical particles have magically got there, they bind to cartilage. Really? Show us the scientific evidence! And even if they do, there's got to be enough cartilage left to bind to in order to make any realistic difference. In my case, there's the square root of bog all cartilage left to attach to anyway.

For FlexiSEQ, read SNAKE OIL. If you've tried it and it helped, what you've actually been helped by is The Placebo Effect, a GENUINE scientifically proven phenomenon. If your joint is messed up, what you need is a new joint, and in the meantime, drugs, physio and mind-focus to cope. Let's get real.