Severely painful knee/ nerve pain up and down leg and now numbness


Had a bit of a rattly sore knee for a long time now. Recently had it xrayed by my rhuematologist. I went to sit in a low comfy chair in a carfe and - oh boy did it hurt. Then just normal pain until about 3 days ago when the pain has been unbearable. Keeps giving way on me, and this afternoon the skin on my leg has become numb.

Anyone else had this, and how was it treated. I am taking Sulfalasalsine, Naproxen, paracetamol and codeine. I also have Psariatic arthritis.


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    Hi @Angiebabe55

    Welcome to the online community, great you have found us. You say you have had a sore knee for a long time now and recently had an xray ,also you have psoriatic arthritis. You dont say what the Rhumatologist said about the results of the xray and what the intending treatment is to be.Or are you still waiting for the results?

    Hopefully your Rhumatologist will be back to you in a little while, meanwhile i have a link that may help you to deal with the pain

    Hope these links help you in some way.

    Please tell us how you get on and do go to our forums and chat to others everyone is friendly and will welcome you and understand what you are going through.

    All the best Christine

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  • Angiebabe55

    Hi. I havent had the results of the xray yet. I was hoping to speak to the rheumatologist today, but he didnt phone back. I have been awake all night again as I could not get comfortable. Cant take any more painkillers till around 9 in the morning, so I have used my heated wheaty bag, which helped a little. The skin on my lower legs is quite numb now. I am out of ideas as to how to deal with this.