Osteoarthritis in my hip


Hi I am new to this site , I have osteoarthritis in my hip , can someone help me on this site as I would like help managing my pain.



  • Brynmor
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    Hi @SarahJanice49 welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand that you have a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in your hip and would like some help from the Community in managing the pain.

    We have a great page on this very subject as the hip is the second most commonly affected joint when it comes to osteoarthritis. Here you can find suggestions for pain management, some exercises you might like to try and pain relief.

    Do tell us a little more about your condition and what treatments you are having. You are welcome to join in across the Online Community, ask questions and give support. Do call in for a chat to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


  • Limpingandinpain

    I'm fairly recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips (September) but having my first one replaced on Monday, eek!

    I have cocodamol, tramadol and oramorph on prescription, to allow me to take whichever is suitable on the day. I had my pre op last week and was told to make sure I take the medication regularly, take a dose when it's due and don't wait until it gets very painful first, and make sure I always have paracetamol in the mix, so either the cocodamol, or separate paracetamol if I'm taking the tramadol or oramorph. She said people say paracetamol doesn't work, but it does if you take it very regularly and along with other things

  • Lilymary
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    Hi @SarahJanice49 , welcome to this lovely forum. I had OA in my hip too, but had replacement last year after 12 months of utter agony. I found some of the tips on this link really helpful - you'll need more than drugs in your armoury to keep the pain in control. In particular, I found distraction works well, to take your focus away from the pain, and if you can, exercise not only builds the muscles that support your joint, but also aid post op recovery, and is also good for mental health. Stretching is also good, as it stops your body from tensing up from the pain (which only makes it worse).

    Keep posting on here, there's lots of experience and advice available, and if you need a moan, this is the place to come. We all know how rotten this feels. LM x

  • Coddfish
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    I first had signs of osteoarthritis in my right hip in 2012 and managed it quite well for a number of years through exercise. Water based exercise was particularly valuable, swimming and Aqua classes in my case, but I know people who find walking in a pool helpful. Eventually the hip became impossible to manage through exercise and I had a THR in September. Utterly transformative. If you are thinking surgery is in your future, try to get it done before your mobility becomes very low, as I think recovery is a lot easier if you have some fitness remaining. I put off seeking surgery for longer than I should have done and then ended up paying for a private operation because my problem was suddenly starting to fall off a cliff. Sorry you are also on this journey.

  • Sunnyside_12

    Hi I am new here.

    Have been suffering from osteoarthritis for 2 years in both hips, my left is worse, no jam in between, so bone rubbing on bone, I'm finding the exercises given to me by the physio, but the pain is intense, I have prescription medications, and walking ad. Life is so changed, I have difficulty walking around and I do cleaning bits at a time, which is frustrating .

  • Sunnyside_12