Newbie here! Work capability meeting tomz

Hi new to community. Been diagnosed 9 months ago with osteoarthritis of my hands, knee, lumbar facet joints. Daily pain that never goes away from hands and knee. My pain in lower back radiates to my groin( feels like i have broken my pelvis some days). Been off sick from work nearly a year. I am an SLA in a Nursery with the council, having just completed an HNC as a Childhood Practitioner before and during lockdown. Oh and im 50 and in menopause, on HRT !!

Looking for advice. I have a work capability meeting tomorrow. Had a chat with an advisor who was really helpful. I really do not want to leave the my age but the constant pain im in is making me think otherwise. I take lots of drugs, gabapentin at night, duloxetine , paracetamol, tramadol. Glucosamine, turmeric too. I feel that the pain and inflammation must be more than just osteo but went to rheumatology 9 months ago i have a family history of chrones and ankyolising spondylitis. None of which i seem to have. I've had high colprotectin levels detected. I keep thinking there must be something else wrong??? Am i going to have to live with this pain forever? Is it just me?? How can i work? I had some visitors on Sat night for a meal and i could hardly walk by end of night as i was busy, 2 days later im still so sore. I have a high pain threshold normally but a year down the line this is really getting to me!

Sorry....rant over! Any advice and anyone suggest a job? The council said they will look at redeployment if necessary and also due to the disability act they need to give me a chance by putting safety measures in place for me.

I welcome any answers!

Thank you.



  • Ellen
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    Hi @Jools71 Welcome to the Online Community.

    It does sound as though you have a lot going on health wise and a lot which still worries you. Many of our members have dual even multiple diagnoses too.

    I will let our members share their own experience with you, but while you are waiting for someone to come along I am going to give you a couple of links which might be helpful in connection with your Work Capability Meeting tomorrow:

    It seems very unfair that you have worked so hard at gaining your qualification I hope the Local Authority will be able to offer you some work which suits you and gives you the chance to use your skills.

    Best wishes


  • Jona
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    Hi @Jools71

    I was in the same unenviable position as you last year I’d struggled for so long job wise I’ve even had to revert to an admin job within the nhs but even that was hard going as the travelling alone was long and painful so I felt I had no choice but to ill health retire for the first few months it was amazing I could rest when I needed too and take my painkillers without being afraid I’d have a crash or kill someone there’s no easy answer but staying in work if you can helps with the mental side of coping but the physical limitations also impact your mental health

    I’ve always worked but there are other things in life you have worked hard to get where you are and I trained hard to get where I was and was really upset to lose that the best thing is to be honest with your meeting as to what you feel you can and cannot do but be honest with yourself it’s no fun trying to survive financially it’s crushing it’s certainly a battle but I put my health first it’s also amazing how many friends and colleagues disappear too but do what’s right for you good luck

    take care 😊💐

  • Jools71
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    Thanks so much for the reply. this is really sad to hear for you. I have had a good meeting and they have offered a Health and Safety risk assesment when im ready to return. The good thing is i work term time so lots of holidays. I will have to give it a try and see how it goes, its a scary thought never to work again at 50 !!

    I hope you have felt better since you gave up?

    Take care