Fear of knee replacement surgery.

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Hi there,

I'm new to this community and would really appreciate some advice/support in relation to my upcoming knee replacement. I have suffered with arthritis for 4 years and it has got progressively worse. I am now on the waiting list for a replacement and have been informed that there is a 70/30% success rate. The pain I currently have is at the back and side of my knee, I have had steroid injections previously however my doctor has advised that they are only short term and therefore the replacement is my next step. I'm allergic to nickel and this is causing me concern due to the risk of having an allergic reaction. I wondered whether anyone on here has had the op and what information/advice/reassurance could be given.

Thanks in advance,

Rina :)


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    Hello @rinabean , welcome to the online community,

    You have had arthritis for four years now and are enquiring about knee replacement surgery. There are numbers of our members who have had a TKR and have shared their experiences with us. I hope that you will take time to browse round the discussions and the information pages which contain lots of useful insights into the whole pre and post operation process. I expect you will then come up with more questions so don't hesitate to post them and our members will offer you advice and support.

    I attach some links which I hope you will find useful

    Meanwhile gentle exercise is thoroughly recommended to all of us living with arthritis and I hope you find some of the suggestions manageable. Many of us follow the Lets Move exercise videos and find them fun to try within our own capabilities.

    I enclose the last thread as an example of the support that our members give to each other and I hope that you will soon feel able to share your own experience . Do keep in touch.

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    Not only have I had 'the op', Rina, I've had three - all very successful. I should explain that I started with RA at 15 and am now 75. The one which had to be revised was 27yrs old at the time. It had served me well and I had looked after it.

    I think the thing about allergy would be something to discuss with your consultant. I don't recall anyone on here having this problem before. He would be the expert. But, as for TKRS, there are a lot of us who have had them so, if you have questions, ask away on the Living With Arthritis forum.

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    A friend of mine is also allergic to nickel and needed an TKR. She was transferred to a surgeon experienced in using titanium implants, had a successful operation and remains fit and well two years on.