Newly diagnosed early onset degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips.

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Hi everyone, I'm devasted to be here. I'm sorry for the long post but I'm just lost.

2 years ago, I thought I pulled a muscle in my groin / leg. It took a long time to heal and I didn't go to the doctors. Fast forward to March 2021 and I had the covid vaccine. About 10 days later, I got the same pain in my groin, but couldn't remember doing anything to cause it. Then the pain got worse and spread to my other leg. I honestly thought I had a reaction to the vaccine. In a very short period of time, I could hardly walk. It felt like all the muscles across my bum and top of my legs were so tight, it was pulling my legs into the wrong position. I had an xray which didn't show any problems. I was referred to a rheumatologist. It took months to get an appointment and the consultant basically said it wasn't rheumatology related and asked what my mental health was like, as if I was making it up. The honest answer to that was my mental health was dreadful, due to the fact that every single second of every day, I am in agony. I was even more upset after my consultation cos he dismissed me. He said he'd refer me for an MRI but didn't expect to see me again. I started swimming every other day and Physio and losing weight. I managed to reduce the pain significantly and only needed pain killers when I first woke up and before i went to bed.

By Christmas, I was sick of the effects of pain killers and decided to ween myself off codeine. I've had 6 weeks from hell doing this. Whilst it wasn't as painful as it was when it first started, the stairs became almost impossible to climb. I had my MRI 4 weeks ago and still hadn't got the results.

I called the GP on Friday to see what else I can do for the pain. He tells me he has my results and there's nothing wrong with my back, but I have early onset degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips. I'm 42 years old. He's put me straight back on codeine. I think he said it was mild but this pain is anything but mild. Until I get the letter, I don't know anymore.

I've been a wreck all weekend. I'm a building surveyor, I have to be able to climb ladders, get into loft spaces etc. I've been mourning the future loss of my career. I have so many questions swimming around my head. Am I going to be on painkillers until they decide to replace my hip? Should I have these steriod injections? How long before I can't do my job anymore? I know a lot of these can't be answered. I always thought people got it in their hips when theyve had it in their feet or knees and put too much pressure on one side. I am so scared that no one will employ in the future. I feel so alone. Is it odd that I had if in both sides at the same time? I know the vaccine didn't cause it, it must have been happening for a while but I can't help but feel it triggered this flare up and I'm really scared to get the booster in case it was the trigger and it gets worse. I do want the booster but in terrified.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a crazy woman.



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    Hi@Leanne455 ,

    Im sorry you’ve had such a rough time I’ve been through very similar but not with my hips, I’m personally outraged at the way osteoarthritis is dismissed as a mental health condition and am sick of it being diagnosed as wear and tear or mild, pain affects everyone differently I was told all they could give me was morphine I refused so was labelled as oh it can’t be that bad disgusting so to be addicted to a drug is ok then all I can say is ask for a referral to pain clinic via gp I know I waited a year or 2 but they can advise you on pain relief or ask to see a gp that specialises in msk

    good luck I know it’s a worrying time for you but persistence is key

    take care

    Jona 😊💐

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    Hi @Leanne455

    Gosh you have had a rough time I am so very sorry the rheumatologist made you feel so awful when you are clearly someone who is doing her very very best to help herself! Shocking and infuriating to read I could cry for you. or swear maybe...

    Can I suggest you take a look at @Lilymary 's posts. She is in a similar line of work to you and also struggled with diagnosis. She is a real inspiration to many on here and has blogged her 'journey' openly for us all to read. I know her story will help you too.

    You have already met Jona who is in a similar position too and so understands the battles we seem to have to have. Good idea about asking to be referred to a pain clinic.

    As for the steroid injection they help some in fact they help lots of people, but not everyone. You have very little to lose don't you think?

    Take care and huge ((()))

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    Thank you Jona. I'm trying my hardest to come to terms with it. Opiod addiction is a real problem but this common misconception, if the doctor prescribes it to you, it's perfectly fine just breaks me. No I don't want to be in pain every second but I do want to try everything I can to stop relying on pain killers. I'm going to ask to be referred to the pain clinic. Thanks alot. I don't feel so alone.

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    Thank you. I will check it out. I used to be the life and soul of the party. Now I'm broken, but I'm going to fight it with everything Ive got. Thank you.

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    It is very overwhelming trying to get your head around it but you will your a lot stronger than you think 😊 the lovely people here will help too I couldn’t have got half way through this without them so you definitely not alone now x I use tens machines a lot now as well as heat and cold in fact my hot water bottle is my go to a lot I also take time out and pamper myself face mask and foot spa it’s not an easy journey but you will get through this

    love Jona 💐😊

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    Hi @Leanne455

    So sorry to hear your story. It start exactly the same as me, pain in groin, thought I’d pulled a muscle etc etc.

    But, you are not alone. Now you’ve made contact to this site, you will get so much advice from professionals and other people just like you. We’re all here to help. Ask anything. It helps, believe me. Sadly this Coved has delayed everything and even seeing a doctor is a marathon!

    Try all the things people suggest, and know there is light at the end. Keep strong, take care.

    Ann x

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    Hi @Leanne455,

    I really feel for you and understand the pain you are in. like you I have recently been diagnosed with ‘mild bilateral hip osteoarthritis’… which honestly feels far from mild! Some days it’s horrific.

    I’ve been in pain for about 2 years but last year it got to a point where I just couldn’t do anything and was sent for x-rays and to physio to try and help. X-ray showed spurs in left hip nothing in my right (which was weird because I only had the pain on my right side) I kept pushing saying there’s got to be something going on as the pain is too severe for it not to be anything. I kept being told I was too young for it to be arthritis but I said I know my body and I know it’s not right. I got sent for an MRI which confirmed I have bilateral hip OA. I feel a sense of relief as it got to a point where I felt like a hypochondriac and felt I wasn’t being taken seriously because of my age. I’m only 34. When I had my results even the MSK physio said she was shocked by the results and she thought it was an impingement she didn’t think it would be arthritis. She advised I take high doses of VitD, glucosamine sulphate and omega3 supplements which I have been doing since last year as well as taking paracetamol 🫠 I tried naproxen last year too but that didn’t help at all.

    I do feel a sense of relief knowing what it is, but I do feel worried about my future. I worry that the pain will get worse and if this is only mild I dread to think what moderate and severe OA will feel like.

    I am pretty much in pain everyday. I have pain in my groin pretty much all the time which can worsen to stabbing/shooting pains which then go down my leg to my knee. I get clicking/grating when I walk too. I try and push through the pain but it gets to a point where I just can’t do anymore.

    I work in a school (reception class) and struggle everyday from getting up and down from sitting, walking, standing for periods of time and everyday everything just feels like a struggle. The physio I had been under seems to think it’s my back and not necessarily the OA as its ’only mild’ and msk team at my GP has referred me to pain clinic which I’m still waiting for an appointment. I am literally holding out for that appointment as I’m hoping that they can help me, I will try anything and everything to make this pain more manageable so I can have a good quality of life.

    like you, I have asked myself all of the same questions. Shall I get a new job that’s easier on my body? Will I be in this pain for the rest of my life? Is this it now? Will the pain and condition itself get worse? Can I be considered for a hip replacement at my age? Will I be taken more seriously now? What am I going to do going forward? I completely understand how you are feeling and it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

    Take care, keep us posted on how you’re getting on and if anything is helping you.

    Sarah 🙂