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I jBd recently bought a u shaped pillow and have duck feather ones under me to support my back and hips and I seem to be sleeping a little better, only had the new pillow since Saturday but pain does not seem to be waking me as much now, it's normally kids or needing the loo, I have recently been put on slow release morphine till it am put on biologics, it's easing the pain would I would not day controlling it fully, the little sleep I am getting is better than it was though thanks to this new u shaped pillow costing £16.99 from Amazon c


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    I use V pillow very good !

    I also found a small v pillow thing that you put between knees found this helps relieve pain on legs and knees ?.

    Maybe of use too you ?

    Peeing nightmare for me too arghhh not found cure for that yet lol

    Enjoy your day!

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    Well done finding something which helps both of you. Being vegan have avoided natural feathers also my breathing isn't great.

    I have shaped neck pillow and small one for between my knees.

    I got my shaped neck pillow from Dunhelm although Other sellers are available!!!


    Toni x