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It’s 2am and I’m awake. Yesterday I was diagnosed with arthritis in my Hip, Pelvis and Spine. I was expecting the Hip, but pelvis and spine came as a real shock. I’ve no idea what to do. I’ve no idea what to expect. I had no one to turn to. Stumbled across versus arthritis during my middle of the night Dr Google consult.

Im worried. So many things. So many questions but no idea what to ask.

looking for support and maybe even a virtual hug whilst I get my head round this.

thsnk you for reading.

Tangerine Daisy


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    Hello @TangerineDaisy

    I am so glad you have found Versus Arthritis and the online Community in particular. I see you have a really recent diagnosis of Arthritis in your hip spine and pelvis. Seeking information at 2 am is totally understandable I am very pleased Dr Google led you here.

    Of course you are worried in your situation most people would be, but now you can get informed and talk to people who will understand and not judge you. Our members have years of experience dealing with Arthritis and are incredibly supportive.

    Firstly I am attaching a link designed for people who are newly diagnosed:

    I will make one more suggestion which really helped me when I first came here myself. If you feel it would help do consider ringing our helpline. You won't regret it:

    I hope you will decide to continue to use this forum and look forward to seeing your posts in future.

    Best wishes


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    Welcome @TangerineDaisy. It's a shock, isn't it/ I recall my diagnosis of RA some 40 years ago. Well I'm still here enjoying life. Yes, there will be things you can no longer do. Dont't regret those, but rejoice in the things you can. You don't say what type of arthritis you have, Osteo or Rheumatoid. Browse the posts on the community - you will find many others whose experieinces are relevant to you.

    Good Luck, CCM.

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    Hi @TangerineDaisy

    I am so sorry you have been told your arthritis is in more places than you expected. I will say that a lot of people on here had thought it was their back and it turned out to be their hip and vice versa so sadly I am not as surprised as you.

    Dr Google can't be terrifying, but in this case he did a good job getting you here.

    Keep talking keep asking questions we don't mind the more informed you are the less scary it all is.

    These are a few virtual hugs sent with understanding and empathy


    big ones. Trust me as CCM says there really is life after diagnosis mine is a good one.

  • TangerineDaisy

    thank you. 2am me was having a bit of a pity party. Sorry about that. Today Me is less worried and a touch more realistic. The only thing different this week compared to last week is that now I know what is causing the pain. Knowledge is the only thing that changed. I’ve been having this pain on and off for a while and ignoring it. Now I can work with what I know, if it is a bad day I now know why and I can work with that.

    I don’t know which ‘Arthritis’ it is. It was a telephone consultation and I was at work so a bit too shocked to ask. But I’m getting a face to face appointment and I’m making a list of questions to ask. If anyone has ‘good questions’ I should raise I’m happy to hear them.

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    It is very relevant which sort of arthritis it is as the causes and therefore the treatment are different for RA and OA. So that must be your first question.

    And then you can discuss appropriate treatments and long term issues.

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    I find that the 2 a.m. moment is far darker than reality.

    My searches on Dr. Google have been terrifying and depressing, so if you got some good out of it, great, but you may want to consider easing up on them. The one thing my wife, mother and doctors agree on is "don't google your symptoms."

    Thank goodness I found VA (I know that sounds like a tv endorsement). It's the only place I have found inspiration. When I read that people have been living with RA, 10, 20, 30, 40 years, it cranks up my mood, which recently has been in the dumps.