Ask the expert: newly diagnosed with arthritis?

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People can feel overwhelmed when they’re newly diagnosed with arthritis or an MSK condition.

We spoke to GP, Dr Natasha Usher about the questions she’s frequently asked by patients who’ve been recently diagnosed.



  • JudeM
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    I have just been diagnosed with cervical osteoarthritis as a result of a flare up just before Xmas which I am still suffering from 9 weeks later. I have had 2 flare ups in 15 years with very little pain in between. Can I expect this one too will subside? I am having physio and doing my exercises daily.

  • airwave
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    The name of the game is in the description ‘flare’ so a shorter lived event. As arther is different for everyone the time may vary? I’m assuming that the flare is a rheumatic arthritis one, so speak to your rheummy when you see them and ask for advice.

    its a grin, honest!