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I was diagnosed with OA in both knees over 4 years ago with my left knee more severe ,I’ve repeatedly been told I’m to young for a TKR and as a result of this had two arthroscopy to same knee (3year gap) been under pain clinic for nerve blockers (this has now stopped ) had hydrotherapy sessions and steroid injections in same knee .

i can barley get up n down stairs now and desp need a stair lift ,I’m on long term sickness (just over 2 year and on the verge of my employers finishing me after 25yrs in children services.

i feel severely let down by the NHS and find myself living of the state now and in reciept to all entitlements .

I’m trying desperately hard to work on my emotional well being yet find myself feeling low with no soul purpose in life anymore ,I grieve for my old life and miss working and dancing and socialising etc.

i have tried supplements but to no avail have they helped.

I would love to join a group who experiences similar issues.

i am open to any suggestions and am Interested in alternative therapies and mediation etc but on a tight budget due to not working.

would be nice to chat to others:)


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    Hi @Bradshawa7 and welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand you have osteoarthritis in both knees for over 4 years and have been undergoing a course of different medical treatments in that time. You feel that you have been let down by the NHS and are considered too young for a Total Knee Replacement and yet find stairs very difficult. This has also meant a period of long term illness and a possibility of you ending your employment.

    Naturally, all this has affected your emotional well being and you grieve for your old life.

    If you need to talk to someone immediately to help you find local support and help, please do contact our free Helplines, especially when looking for help with work issues. Their details can be found here:

    We have a good set of information on alternative therapies and it is well worth exploring some to see if they might be of some help:

    The next step is to join in across the Community: chat to others, post questions and comments and to call in to say how you are getting on. You will be most welcome.

    All best wishes



    Please do read this post from another new member.  It may be worth linking up to help each other!