Hi I'm new to R.A.

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About to start Methotrexate.

Any tips to get through this?



  • Sewsy
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    I have this to start as I have had osteoarthritis for many years but just diagnosed with R.A.

    Can you give me some tips please as I want to lessen side effects.

    I'm an avid tea lover. Please don't say I have to give up tea and coffee?!

  • Fif
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    I've been on methotrexate for about 12 weeks now and have slowly built up to my maximum dose. Apart from feeling very tired and rather weepy at the beginning of the process, I haven't experienced any real side effects. I think the fatigue and weepiness could have been more the effect of the Rheumatoid arthritis than the drug. I still drink tea and coffee although I no longer have my after dinner coffee as I was not sleeping too well at the start so now Ihaveafruit tea instead. I cut right down on the alcohol although I was never a big drinker anyway. Following advice I take the pills just before going to bed and folic acid the following day. It's a bit of a thought being on drugs long term, but the alternative is so much worse. Of course, everyone is different and your response to the drug may also be quite different, but I thought hearing from someone who was in your position not too long ago and who seems to be coping might help you feel a bit more positive about it. Good luck.

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    Hi @Sewsy I've merged these two posts together as I was about to reply to one and saw the second in passing 😀

    Our web site has good information about methotrexate and includes sections on side effects and taking other medications:

    Hope this is helpful.