Nerve damage in elbow


Hi all. So lately I have been having various tests with a neurologist due to various health issues affecting me at the moment. I had tests done last week that show nerve damage in my elbow area. The ulnar nerve is damaged and causing numbness in my little and ring fingers and pain in my hand and forearm going up to my elbow. I'm awaiting another appointment with the neurologist to discuss the test results. Iv been reading up on ulnar nerve damage in the elbow and one of the causes is arthritis of the elbow. This would make sense as I have widespread osteoarthritis. I had a previous X-ray on my right elbow that showed osteophytes, so I'm guessing the left elbow will be the same. Do any of u guys have any experience of this subject?



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    The only person who jumps to mind for me is @N1gel

    He has elbow Arthritis if I remember rightly:

    Hopefully other members can relate to your issues too.

    Best wishes


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    Yes, that's right!

    I definitely have OA in the left elbow, initially dismissed by my dimwit GP as 'tennis elbow' until my OT suggested I had it x-rayed. "there is anterior and posterior osteophytes compatible with the loss of range of motion." They think it was due to leading a very active life on crutches, but at the same time the right elbow was described as 'really quite a good joint' - the surgeon couldn't explain that.

    So it's not a given that both elbows will be similarly affected (mild pain from wrist to forearm is familiar too). Over the subsequent 3 years I've not really noticed it get much worse (and it's not been a constant pain) but I've modified my activity within reason. I've noticed some mild pain/stiffness in the right elbow recently but it's not the same quality of pain and I'm hoping it's tendonitis.

    The surgeon gave me a steroid jab in the elbow but I'd be hard put to say if it did any good - it was no big deal to administer. They told me I wouldn't get a replacement elbow as I was 'too active'.

    Good luck